Vitamix Comparison: Which is the Best Vitamix in 2020?

I believe you’re here because you’re trying to figure out which is the best Vitamix model to buy for all your blending needs.

And the good news is that this step-by-step guide was created with you in mind!

With it, you’ll learn about all the main Vitamix models, product lines, and what blender suits what type of needs.

In the end, you’ll easily manage to identify the most ideal Vitamix model for your needs and get it from Amazon through one of the best deals.

Our Top Picks: The 3 Best Vitamix Models to Buy in 2020

If you would rather go with a quick recommendation of the top Vitamix blenders by the best value than sink into the nitty-gritty of Vitamix models comparison, then we recommend one of the following three:

1. Vitamix A3500: Overall Best Vitamix Blender

Vitamix A3500

A3500 is a smart-system blender with modern controls like a touchscreen panel, wireless connectivity, programmable timer, and pre-programmed settings.

These features offer for a walk-away blending convenience.

If you can stretch your budget to afford the A3500, then we highly recommend buying this blender. It’s powerful, very reliable, and brings future technology to your kitchen!

2. Vitamix 5300: Best Budget Family Vitamix Blender

Vitamix 5300

The Vitamix 5300 comes with a low-profile 64-oz container, making it the perfect kitchen blender for family-sized meals.

Unlike the A3500, Vitamix 5300 doesn’t come with smart technology controls. It only features a start/stop switch, easy to use variable speed control, and a pulse switch.

It’s the Vitamix we would recommend to families since it’s super-affordable, easy to use, very powerful, and with a large 64-oz low-profile container that comfortably fits under most kitchen cabinets.

3. Vitamix E310: Best Budget Personal Vitamix Blender

Vitamix E310

If you would like to get a smaller, budget-friendly alternative of the 5300, then we recommend Vitamix E310.

The E310 comes with a 48-oz container and features similar controls as the 5300. It’s such a powerful kitchen blender that is also very easy-to-use.

E310 is ideal for blending small to medium batches making it the best kitchen blender for a small family, students, and personal use.

Which is the Best Vitamix Model or Product Line?

As you may have noticed while trying to figure out which is the best Vitamix, there are dozens of Vitamix models out there.

And so, you might ask, are they similar? Or what makes them unique?

To understand how these models compare, their uniqueness, and whose needs they would best suit, you’ll need to understand the Vitamix blender product lines.

For starters, Vitamix models are grouped in five product lines, or simply categories. These are:

  • Classic blenders (C-Series)
  • Next-Generation blenders (G-Series)
  • Personal blenders (S-Series)
  • Explorian blenders E-Series)
  • Ascent blenders (A-Series)

1. C-Series Vitamix Blenders

The C-Series product line features the traditional Vitamix blender models that come with the classic Vitamix body style with easy-to-use controls.

C-Series blenders have been in production for very many years and, therefore, it features a wide range of models that include:

(a). The TurboBlend Two Speed

The TurboBlend Two Speed is arguably the most basic Vitamix blender. It only features two control switches. 

That’s a start/stop switch and a high/low blending switch. 

But don’t be mistaken by its simplicity because it’s still a very powerful blender with a 2-peak horsepower motor.

This blender is powerful enough to efficiently process small to large amounts of whole fruits, vegetables, and even nut butter.

And we especially like its self-cleaning capabilities. All you need is a drop of dish soap and some warm water and then switch on the blender for about 1 minute.

It comes with the 64-oz classic container (tall/narrow) and we would recommend it to families, especially boomers who want a simple, powerful blender.

(b). Vitamix 5200

The 5200 is probably one of the top Vitamix bestsellers. And not just due to its affordability, but mainly because of its reliable performance.

This blender has been around for so many years and a lot of people, especially families still go for it, despite being an older model.

It comes with a start/stop switch, a 10-speed variable control, and a high/low control. 

Vitamix 5200 obtains its power from a 2-peak horsepower motor that allows you to blend small to large amounts and achieve smooth, consistent results.

At fast speeds, the blades of the Vitamix 5200 creates friction heat that can bring ingredients like soups from cold to steaming hot in just under six minutes!

This is a blender that we would recommend to families, especially due to its 64-oz classic container (tall/narrow). It also features self-cleaning capabilities!

(c). Vitamix 5300

Vitamix 5300 is just the Vitamix 5200 blender with a 2.2-peak horsepower motor and a 64-oz low-profile container instead of a 64-oz classic container that is tall and narrow.

And if you are wondering what is the point of a different container, then it’s important to note that with the low-profile container the blender can fit under the standard kitchen cabinets since this jar is shorter.

(d). Vitamix Professional Series 500 (Pro 500)

The Pro 500 is yet another classic Vitamix that takes things a notch higher by including 3 pre-programmed settings and a pulse control among its features.

With the pre-programmed settings, you can make smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups with just a turn of a dial.

What’s more, the pulse control allows you to blend thick vegetable soups or chunky salsas with much ease.

This blender comes with the 64-oz low-profile (short/wider) container that allows it to fit under the standard kitchen cabinets.

But due to its extra features, it’s a bit pricier than the other Vitamix classic blenders. We would recommend it to large families, especially if you enjoy making large smoothie batches, soups, and frozen desserts.

2. G-Series Vitamix Blenders

The G-Series product line features the Next-Generation Vitamix blender models that come with much better blender bases that offer for improved airflow. As a result, these blenders run much cooler and quieter than the C-Series models. 

In terms of the unique features, all the G-Series blenders come with a more powerful 2.2HP motors, a 4-inch stainless steel blade, and the 64-oz low-profile container. You also get a 7-year full warranty. The main models include:

(a). Vitamix 7500

The Vitamix 7500 is like the main competitor of the bestseller Vitamix 5200 that we talked about in the C-Series section. What makes 7500 better than 5200?

At a glance, they both look almost the same. But the Vitamix 7500 features the better blender base that runs quieter and cooler. It also comes with a 10-speed variable control and a pulse feature.

If you prefer a powerful but simple blender and would love to have it run efficiently, then we recommend this blender. It comes with the 64-oz low-profile jar that’s ideal for making medium to large family-sized batches.

(b). Professional Series 750 (Pro 750)

The Pro 750 is like an improved version of the C-Series Pro 500. With Pro 750, you get 5 pre-programmed settings that give you a walkaway blending convenience and an easy blender container self-cleaning capabilities. 

With the pre-programmed settings, you should be able to get consistent results when making smoothies, purees, frozen desserts, and soups.

This blender also comes with a pulse feature and the 64-oz low-profile (shorter/wider) container. And it’s yet another blender that we would recommend to families, especially if you would like the additional pre-programmed settings.

(c). Vitamix 780

The Vitamix 780 features a responsive LED touchscreen control panel instead of the traditional control knobs and switches. 

The touch panel is made of hardened glass to resist scratches and cracks. And Vitamix designed it with easy-tap buttons to ensure that it’s only responsive to your touches and not spills or splash.

Apart from the touch controls, the 780 features 5 pre-programmed settings that offer for an automated, walkaway blending convenience.

It also comes with a pulse feature and the 64-oz low-profile container that’s perfect for large family batches and fits comfortably under most kitchen cabinets.

3. S-Series Vitamix Blenders

The S-Series product lines feature the Vitamix personal blender models. These blenders are smaller and less powerful than the standard Vitamix blenders. 

And since they are smaller, they take less kitchen counter space. We recommend these blenders to anyone looking for a space-saving, powerful blender for personal use. 

That includes students, couples, smoothie enthusiasts, on-the-go individuals, people with a smaller kitchen, and anyone living in an RV.

The S-Series Vitamix category feature three blender models, S30, S50, and S55. Each of these models comes with two containers, a 40-oz jar, and a 20-oz smaller jar.

The smaller container doubles as a travel cup with the included flip-top lid. All you need is to blend your smoothie in it, swap the blade-base with the flip-top lid, and rush out for your day’s business as you enjoy the healthy treat!

NOTE: The blade-base can be swapped between the two containers for maximum versatility and convenience. That’s the 40-oz jar and the 20-oz jar uses the same blade-base.

And what we especially like about the S-Series blender models is the fact that they are dishwasher-safe. Cleaning the containers, lids, seals, and blender base is super-quick and easy!

(a). Vitamix S30

S30 is the most basic of all the three S-Series blenders. It features variable speed control and a pulse setting. It’s also the most affordable!

(b). Vitamix S50

S50 takes things a step further by adding two preset modes on top of the variable speed control. You get the Power Blend and Smoothie modes for walkaway blending convenience. 

(c). Vitamix S55

S55 features a variable speed setting plus four preset modes. That’s Power Blend, Smoothie, Dips-and-Spreads, and Frozen Desserts. It’s also the most pricey in this category!

4. Explorian Series Vitamix Blenders

The explorian series Vitamix blender models have an almost similar appearance as the C-Series Vitamix 5300 blender.

It’s like Vitamix noted there are some people who wanted the reliability of a powerful blender but weren’t ready to spend for a good Vitamix blender. That’s either due to financial or other personal reasons.

As such, Vitamix went ahead to design two blender models the E310 and E320 for those who were looking to “explore” Vitamix by getting a budget-friendly blender.

The explorian blenders are value-priced but still as powerful as all the other Vitamix blenders. They are only affordable because they lack the bells and whistles that come with the other Vitamix blender models.

(a). Vitamix E310

The E310 features a powerful 2-peak horsepower motor, 10 variable-speed control, and a pulse mode. It comes with a 48-oz container that makes it ideal for personal and small family blending needs.

(b). Vitamix E320

The E320 features a more powerful 2.2-peak horsepower motor, 10 variable-speed control, and a pulse mode. It comes with the larger 64-oz low profile container that makes it ideal for blending medium to large family batches.

5. Ascent Series Vitamix Blenders

Last in the list is the Ascent Series product line, which features the latest, modernized Vitamix blenders. 

Ascent series blenders have smart control systems. There are four models in this category, A3500, A3300, A2500, and A2300.

All the ascent series blenders feature variable speed, a count-up timer display, pulse mode, and come with a 64-oz low-profile self-detect container. Plus a 10-year full warranty!

(a). Vitamix A2300

The Vitamix A2300 is the least pricey on the list. It features a premium digital control knob and physical switches. 

(b). Vitamix A2500

The Vitamix A2500 come with the premium digital control and physical switches but also includes pre-programmed modes for blending convenience.

(c). Vitamix A3300

The Vitamix A3300 features a premium digital knob and a touchscreen control panel but lacks pre-programmed settings. It’s within the same price range as the A2500, so it’s you to decide whether you want pre-programmed settings or a touchscreen.

(d). Vitamix A3500

Lastly, the Vitamix A3500 features a premium digital knob, touchscreen control panel, and pre-programmed settings. It’s the most pricey in the list and arguably the best blender Vitamix has ever made!

TIP: All Vitamix ascent series blenders have wireless connectivity capabilities that allow them to connect to the iOS/Android Smart Blend Smartphone App that offers 17 preset modes and over 500 recipes.

Which is the Best Vitamix Model: Final Thoughts!

The answer to your question on which is the best Vitamix model depends on how you intend to use the blender. And to help you make a quick, solid decision, consider the following:

1. Are you able and ready to spend on the best Vitamix?

If yes, I recommend getting the A3500 if you are ok with using smart system features like a touchscreen. But if you would like something a bit traditional, especially for the boomers, then go for the Pro 500.

2. Are you looking for an affordable but powerful Vitamix?

If yes, we recommend getting the E310 if it’s intended for personal use or a small family of less then three. 

But for a larger family, then go for the E320 if you would like to get the 64-oz low-profile container or the 5200 if you would like to get the 64-oz classic (tall/narrow) container.

3. Are you looking for the easiest-to-use Vitamix?

If yes, especially for a family with smaller kids to older adults, then we recommend the TurboBlend Two Speed or the 5300 if you would like to get it with the 64-oz low-profile container.

5. Are you looking for a smaller, powerful Vitamix?

Your perfect personal-size Vitamix is one of the S-Series models. We recommend getting the S55 if you can afford it, but the S30 will do just as great if you’re on a budget!

Before you go, what about the Vitamix legacy models?

If you have been hanging out around Vitamix enthusiasts, you might have heard about the legacy models. 

Basically, Vitamix legacy models are the C-Series and G-Series blender models. But why are they called legacy models?

Well, the main reason is that you’ll need a personal cup adapter kit to attach the 20-oz container if you would like to blend in it with a C-Series or G-Series blenders.

The 20-oz container is especially useful if you want to make quick, personal-size blends.

The personal cup adapter kit comes with the adapter (with blades) and two dual-purpose 20-oz jars. These jars transform to travel cups with the included spill-proof lids. 

The personal cup adapter kit is compatible with Vitamix 5200, 5300, 7500, Pro 500, Pro 750, 780, TurboBlend Two Speed, E310, E320, and all the other G-Series and C-Series blenders.

Well, that’s just about everything essential with Vitamix blender models and product lines. If you have any questions or comments, please share it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading this guide to this end. 

And hey, if you purchase a Vitamix with the links we shared in this guide, we may get an affiliate commission at no extra cost on you. That helps support our work and is heartily appreciated. Xx, cheers!

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  1. I am ready to make the decision in regards to buying a Vitamix and am not sure which model or container size/sizes to buy. I am interested in making smoothies, chopping vegetables, grinding coffee beans, grating parmasean cheese and making bread dough. What would you suggest and pricing would be appreciated. Thank you for your help. This would be for my husband and myself.

  2. Hi there,

    Is there any other solution to muffling the noise (so that I don’t wake up my husband and toddler in a small condo when making an early morning smoothie) besides the $200 US Whisper Blend (seems incredibly expensive for what it is!)?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Susan! There is a trade off when you have a machine as powerful as a Vitamix. It is hard to make a 2+ HP motor quite. Some people make their smoothies the night before. Some people place the blender on something like a mouse pad or a folded towel. I hope this helps!

  3. Hi, just sent an email n after reading the comments believe we are substantiated in our decision to buy a vitamin blender and now only looking to determine if the 5300 or 7500 would best meet our needs while factoring in cost. Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.

  4. Hi. Just bought a vitamix turbo blender with wet and dry container from the shopping channel for $499. Not sure if that’s a great price. I have seen the 5300C model at Costco for same price. Can the one container do both wet and dry? I am so confused with all the choices. I will be using it mainly for smoothies and soups and on occasion dry. The one at Costco is a low profile so it would fit under my cabinets. Is the turbo a older model? The one nice thing about TSC I have 12 months to pay for it. I just came across your website after the fact I purchased it. I would appreciate your feed back. Thanks for you input.

  5. Hi I just purchased a vitamix blender the new one with the pre setting? I don’t know how but just
    found this web site. I am planning to get both my daughters blenders for xmas next year. For my
    question I am wondering what container I would be best with. I have the one that came with the machine.
    I usually make all my smoothies and wondered if there is a smaller one. Also i like to be able to chop
    my vegies. What is the best way to do that?

    • Hello Kathy! I’ll send you an email with a form letter that has my Vitamix model recommendations, pricing, and ordering information. What model did you buy? Did it come with an instructional DVD? (there is a tutorial on how to dry chop in that DVD). If you join my Facebook Group called “Vitamix Enthusiasts – Blender Lady” there is a Group File with recipes and information on how to do wet and dry chopping. I hope this helps!

  6. Hi blenderlady,
    I have scoured the internet for months on vita-mix information and read and watched
    ad nauseaum. But amazingly, I still have unanswered questions. I narrowed it down to the 500 or the 500/6300 refurbished (i think) and was just about to order with no discounts because I was worried about going through anyone else but vita-mix, and how it would affect the warranty. But, the day of my decision to order, my husband was laid off. boohoo…
    I have an old ninja and it makes do, but I want more nutrition and better health for my husband and I who are both 62. I have a juicer, but too much waste of healthy food and money.
    I was looking at he vita-mix 5 month financing or using my paypal to pay in full but gives me 6 months with no payments. While trying to get back to being able to purchase one, may I ask you some questions ? You seem so knowledgeable and everyone sounds so happy to have found you. Thanks for reading!

  7. Hi.. Is it possible to put the s30 container on a 5200 series? Id love to use a personalised size but dnt need two machines.


    • Hello! The S30 container is not compatible with the full-sized, full-featured Vitamix models. I will send you an email with my thoughts on the Vitamix S30.

      Please read this article about the Vitamix containers for details on the 32 oz. Wet container which WILL fit on your machine! You can also use the contact me form on that page to connect with me for my pricing and ordering information.

  8. Hi , i was impressed with your suggestion and advice about the vitamix details.
    But i m unable to get the details for prep 3 vitamix which i own in Singapore. It comes with only one jar 64 oz.
    i need a 32 oz. dry jar which can be useful for dry grinding.
    Since my daughter is in usa , i m thinking of ordering the dry jar and getting it thru her. Is it advisable to use the 32oz . Dry jar without any other attachment in prep3 model.

    • Hello, please read this article about the Vitamix containers for details on the 32 oz. Dry container! You can also use the contact me form on that page to connect with me for my pricing and ordering information. I am able to ship to a US address only!

  9. Hi,
    I have a VM 6000 and I’m not in love with it. Any recommendations on changing that or should I just buy another model? I want it mainly for smoothies and nut butters at the present time.
    Thanks, Nancy

    • Hello Nancy,

      You will see in the chart on this page that the 6000 model is in a greyed out box. This is because I prefer Vitamix models that have Variable Speed Control. You can contact Vitamix Customer Service to get assistance with learning how to use your 6000 model to make the things you want to make. I’ve also contacted you by email.

  10. Hi Blender Lady,

    I’m a bit skeptical writing to an invisible person (I’m new to this internet thing) but I have several questions.
    1) I just bought the vitamix 6300 from Costco for $459. Should I have bought the 7300? Is it that much better?
    2) I also bought the 48 oz. smaller container but I’m wondering if I should have bought the 32 oz. smaller container instead. My husband and I are retired (there’s just two of us) and most of the time, we just make small amounts of smoothies, juices, etc. (a) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 48 oz. vs. the 32 oz.? (b) if I buy the 7300 vitamix, will the smaller container still fit?
    Any advice you give me would be deeply appreciated.

    aloha – michelle

    • Hello Michelle, thanks for using the contact form on this page to connect with me! I just sent you my form letter with my model recommendations, pricing, and ordering information. I will also send you my form letter about the 5300, and I’m happy to answer any additional questions you may have! Glad we were able to connect on the phone as well!


  12. I had such a great experience with my order from Lea Ann that I just have to let you folks know about it. I wanted a 32 ounce wet container for my Vitamix so, like many today I began browsing the internet. I discovered Lea Ann’s web page. But, being an old timer than I am, I like to talk with a person, not some internet thing, when I do business. I called Lea Ann and she wasted no time in calling me back, actually it was just a couple of hours. Well, what did I get? I got a person (Lea Ann) who was/is ready to answer my questions, offer help and just plain down right a pleasure to do business with. And, Lea Ann called me after the order to assure me that if I had questions, she was there to help! I did have questions and a just as she said, she was there! Would I recommend her to a friend? You bet!! These days, when so much is done with out ever seeing the person you are doing business with, it is truly a pleasure when we come across a person like Lea Ann!
    Businesses that really care, want their customers to be a satisfied customer and with Lea Ann that is what I am, a happy and satisfied customer.

  13. Hi Lea Ann,
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I enjoyed reading your review of the 7500 machine. Are the containers interchangeable between the 5200 and the 7500? I have the 5200. I am seriously thinking of purchasing the 7500. Bless you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for the Vitamix. You make a difference in our lives.

    • Hello Elaine,
      All containers that fit the 5200 will fit on a 7500, but the wide bottomed, Low Profile container that comes with a 7500 will fit on (but should not be used on) a 5200. The longer 4″ blades require the extra .2 HP, and using the container with the longer blades on a 2 HP motor could wear out the motor.

  14. Just started looking into purchasing a Vitamix for mainly smoothies (vegetable/fruit) for 2 people, but as retiree over 65 would definitely branch out for other healthy options. Do like the wider model fitting under counter for convenient with limited space, but wondering if it’s the best one for me? Also conscientious about high price so wondering about refurbished model? Choice of color is red. Just not sure? Thanks!

  15. I want to purchase a reburbished vitamix blender – I live in Canada. Can I arrange this through you or do you only do US orders?

    • Hello Ruby,

      Unfortunately the only way to get a reconditioned Vitamix is if you can ship to a US address. Many of my Canadian customers use a UPS store, or this service:, or ship to friends or family in the states.

  16. Lea Ann was a HUGE help in figuring out what model and accessories would fit my needs and wants. The link to the YouTube video was very helpful and her comparison between the 5200 and the 7500 models solidified my decision. She was patient and kind in helping me place my order. Lea Ann also explained the ordering process and how long things would take. She took the guess work out of this purchase. Lea Ann is also very quick on returning emails and phone calls; I was never left hanging for information. I feel she takes her business seriously and I am greateful for her service. Thank you Lea Ann!

    As for Vitamix… they sell themselves. I’m a second generation consumer; my parents love theirs!

  17. Hi,
    Thanks for the information you have here. I’m considering a 5200 and a 7500.

    Prefer the low-profile of the 7500 and additional tech. However, wondering if the 5200 is better suited to my needs.

    I make smoothies on a daily basis, 16 ounces at a time. I’ve heard the wide container doesn’t do as well with smaller amounts. Would there be a noticeable difference between the two containers for 16 ounce smoothies?

    Thanks for your help,

  18. Hi Lea Ann,
    I would like to know how much does the 32oz wet container costs. I have the turbo machine .And i would appreciate a tip on what is the secret to make any mix of ingredients into an ice cream. Iam still new to the machine and still experiencing, but sometimes i can make an ice cream and sometimes i can’t.

  19. Hi LeaAnn,
    I am looking to buy a vitamix for the first time. I was recommended to check out your website prior to making a purchase. I am not sure which model I should purchase. I have seen some demonstrations and liked all the different recipes the vitamix can make.
    I have 4 kids and am sure there will be lots of requests for smoothies, ice creams etc. and I am excited to make some hot soups.
    I don’t know if I should be looking at the larger more powerful blender because of my family size as I will need to be making larger portions?
    Thanks for your help,

  20. Lea Ann, I unfortunately did not purchase my vitamix through you. I had mine before I found your blog and fb page. I have the Creation’s II with the 48″ container. Is the dry container compatible for my machine? I didn’t think I wanted one, but now I do just not sure if it will fit. I love your blog and fb page. Have learned lots of new recipes and ideas from you and other vitamix users. Thanks for your help. Wish you did demo’s near me. I’m in North Carolina.

  21. Hello Blender Lady, I have a Vitamix 5000 model VM0103. I would like to get a 320z container and tamper. Will they fit my machine with modification?. I will also need to replace the blade in my 64oz container. Is there a part number for that and would the wrench come with the blade?

  22. Hi Lee Ann. Please advise me which Vitamix model I should buy.
    I will specifically used for making vegetables and fruits smoothies, not for cooking.
    Thank you.

  23. Just reading some of your letters. I’m a new subscriber, since yesterday. I got my Vitamix 12-24-13 it’s the 7500. Love it. Purchased from QVC, did not know about you at the time. How do I find out if there is a recall on my blades? And I would like to check out a small wet container also. I did purchase the dry container. I’m also new at this internet stuff. Also just got my first computer, so I’m just a little behind. Thanks

  24. Hello Leanne,

    I am torn between the creations elite gc and the 7500. Is there any difference other other than the jar size? I have a family of three (myself, husband, and teenager). Will the 48 oz. container be big enough?

    Thank you

    • Hello Chesley,

      I know it is confusing, but there is a “Creations GC”, and there is a “Creations Elite”, but there is no “Creations Elite GC”. The motor base of the Creations Elite is the same as a 7500 (aka Next Generation), but is sold with a 48 oz, narrow bottomed, wet container. The Creations GC has a “Standard” housing for the motor, and an unusual motor that is stronger than a standard, but not “quite” as strong as a next generation (it is not one of our regular motors). The Creations GC comes with the tall/narrow 64 oz. wet container.

      The question about the 48 oz container – personally I prefer the 64 oz / 32 oz wet container combo because that way you have “big when you need big, and small when you need small”! 🙂

  25. I have the shorter 48oz container and like that it fits under my kitchen cabinets. Just found you and really enjoy your site. I am an off and on Vitamix user but mostly off! I really need to change my eating habits once and for all. I am 65 and can’t believe that either. I thank the Lord for all he’s done for me and my family and for people like you who care about the health of others. What is the name of the book with the testimonies?
    God bless you and your family and may God continue using you!


  26. Hi Lea Ann,

    Just wanted to say thank-you!

    My new 32 oz wet container was waiting for me when I got to the States and now that I’m home I’ve used it a couple of times and just love it. It is so much more convenient to handle than the larger container and allows me to do things in smaller quantities.

    Thank you again and again!

    • You are SO WELCOME and it was My Pleasure to help you get one! The 32 oz. container is my all time favorite container and I use it for just about everything. I only pull out my low profile container to dry chop veggies, for smoothies when I am making them for more than one person, and for large batches of soup!

      I think that anyone who has a low profile container needs a narrow bottomed container to go with it because the bigger bottomed container doesn’t do well with recipes under 2 cups. The 32 oz. does great with recipes that go down to as little as 3/4 of a cup and one cup recipes like mayonnaise, pesto, salad dressings, and marinades.

  27. Hi Lea Ann,
    I am in Canada and have the Pro750 with the recalled container. I inquired about the 32 oz.
    container from where I got the blender and they tell me they only sell the 32 oz. container
    without a tamper because the tamper from the Pro750 is the same and fits this smaller container very well. Somehow this does not sound right to me and don’t want to take a chance without asking someone who would know for sure! Are they right? I wish I could order from you but it’s such a hassle to get anything over the border unless you know of a better way.
    Thanks, Dennis

    • Hello Dennis,

      I have the low profile container (and mine is also part of the recall)

      If you choose to buy a 32 oz. container in Canada (without the “mini tamper”) please send your mailing address to me at and I’ll buy a “mini tamper”, have it delivered to my house, then I’ll mail it to you (no charge). Of course if you would like to “donate to the cause” at I won’t complain. 😉

  28. Are there separate recipes for using the 32oz container? What are the benefits vs the 64 oz? I am sending my 64 oz back to fix the blades due to the recall and thought I would buy and use the 32 oz in the interim. Ideas for use?

    • Hello Jan,

      I LOVE my 32 oz. container and use it 75% of the time on my 7500 machine. I only use my low profile container to chop veggies, or when I need a big batch of soup or smoothies for more than two people. The bigger bottomed container doesn’t blend recipes under 2 cups. The 32 oz. does great with recipes that go down to as little as 3/4 of a cup and one cup recipes like mayonnaise, pesto, salad dressings, and marinades. I make my individual smoothies in the 32 oz. container as well because 32 oz. is more than enough for one person. Many people are ordering their 32 oz. containers from me and waiting until it arrives to send their low profile container back for blade replacement. Please email me at for details on how to order, and the benefits of ordering from me! 😉 All you ever wanted to know about Vitamix Containers can be found here: “Vitamix Containers Explained

  29. Lea Ann,
    Got the reconditioned 7500 per your recommendation on Monday and I defy anyone who looks at it to tell me it is a reconditioned machine.
    Looks absolutely brand new!
    As far as performance, it is truly amazing and works as advertised.
    All I can say is WOW!
    Can’t wait to try more recipes.
    Thank you again for your assistance in selecting and purchasing my new baby.
    Please pass along my thank you to Brenda at the Vitamix factory also.
    Mark Lowenberger

    • Thank you for this enthusiastic feedback! It makes me so happy to be able to help people get into the healthy Vitamix lifestyle (and save money for produce)! Please stay in touch, and I’ll be here if you need help!

  30. Hi, just wanted to let you know that the smaller 32oz container arrived and have already used it. Plus always nice to have some new chopping boards and spatulas.

    Thanks Lee Ann for all your help in ordering!!

    You made it such an easy and quick process. We whole heartily recommend ordering through you. And when you had Brenda from VitaMix do the follow-up details she was so nice.

    Also we are enjoying your email group, learning a lot and you’re always there to help as needed.

    Leslie & Jeff

  31. Lea Ann,
    i don’t remember how I first found you but it was probably when searching the internet for more information regarding the Vitamix. My husband and I bought not our first or second Vitamix through you, but our 3rd purchase for my neice in Florida who has Multiple Myeloma. We just felt the Vitamix would be a wonderful tool to aid her in improving her health. Since then she attended one of your demos in Tampa where you made cashew nut butter for her in her container. She had a bone marrow transplant in June and I believe because of her belief in God, her wonderful support system with friends praying for her, and her healthy lifestyle, she was able to return home within three weeks of the transplant. While at Moffitt, followed by Hope Cottage for a mere three days, her husband brought her healthy smoothies and soups made in the Vitamix which certainly aided her in recovery. She is at home and continuing to make progress and probably not a day has gone by since receiving the Vitamix in January without utilizing it to support their healthy lifestyle. Thank you Lea Ann, for helping me order a refurbished Vitamix, along with freebies, for her. It definitely has aided in her recovery. By the way, I continue to follow you each and every day through your Vitamix Enthusiasts email and have learned and tried many new things. For me and my 81 year old husband, a day without our healthy smoothie is like a day without sunshine! Thank you Lea Ann for everything you do to educate people about the Vitamix and nutrition.


    Kathy Luna

    • Oh Kathy thanks for this wonderful note! I do remember your niece well, and I was so happy to be able to show her how to make cashew butter. Reading your comment was a ray of sunshine in my life!

  32. I did not purchase my Vitamix through Lee Ann, but have learned so much about my machine from her advice to others. Thanks for the yahoo group & your very informative site! When I purchase one for my daughter, I will be calling you!

  33. Lea Ann, I did not purchase my Vitamix from you, but referred a friend who did purchase from you. I have sent postings to several friends and tell them how helpful you are with questions. You did find that I bought my Vitamix in 2001 and have been helpful when I have a question. I now use my Vitamix at least 2 times every day. You also point the way to other useful sites (like coconut oil). Thank you. Lucy (in TX).

    • Thank you Lucy for the referrals! I am always deeply honored when someone sends friends and/or family my way. I am especially happy that you are using your machine 2x a day – WOW! Helps make the investment into a Vitamix worth it when you USE it that much!

      It is my pleasure to share health information, and good resources when I find them. Thanks again for your comment!

  34. The purchase of a vitamix is a big decision… I had done a bunch of research online and thought I knew what I wanted. I sent Lee Ann a message to confirm my decision and to my surprise she suggested a different model based on my budget, my needs and what would best suit my family. I am very grateful for her suggestion so I now have more money to spend on produce!!! I was also excited to get the freebies she includes when you purchase from her. You have been so helpful and prompt in responding to my emails and took time on the phone to answer my numerous questions. With all the different places you could buy from I am glad to choose Lee Ann because she provides so much more!!!

    • It’s Awesome that you saved money to invest in Produce! After all, don’t most of us buy a Vitamix Blender to help us get More fresh Fruits and Veggies into our diets with LESS Work? 😉

      I am so pleased that you chose the model that works best for YOUR needs and budget! Thank you for this note!

  35. I had decided to purchase a VitaMix and became very confused when I saw all the different models that were available. I used Lee Ann’s information extensively to determine the differences in the machines, and how to tell which was which, since different retailers use different names, I was then able to intelligently choose which machine was best for my needs. I ended up with the Professional 300 and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you, Lee Ann, for all the help and great information you provided, and now continue to provide me as a user.

  36. Hi Lea Ann,

    I was sadly unable to purchase my Vitamix from you since I’m in Canada and regulations were changed just before I contacted you. I ended up buying from (sent it to a friend in NH), but I’ve always meant to thank you for your advice and encouragement, both before the sale and once we knew it was impossible for you to help.

    Your list is a reflection of you; it’s amazing. There’s so much information from you and list members, and you somehow manage to be there with a ready and quick reply to all questions, always cheerful and encouraging and full of knowledge. You helped me decide that what I really wanted was the 48 oz container, which I now have. (It’s what I could have had from the start if I could have gone through you!)

    Many thanks for your help.

    • Francie, I am So Happy that I was able to help you make a decision about containers that you are happy with!

      The Vitamix is a huge investment for some, and it is more likely that people will USE it, if they get the model and container that work best for THEIR needs.

      It was absolutely my privilege to assist you in making your decision, and I am SO HAPPY that you find the Vitamix Enthusiasts Yahoo Group to be a support. That is my mission, to help Vitamix Owners get the MOST Use out of their investment as possible!

  37. Thanks Lea Ann for your help in choosing my VM. This is such a great machine and I’m glad I got it from you! (and I got the red one not the boring black one they sell at Costco!!)


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