Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter – Blend and Go Containers for Your Vitamix!

When Vitamix came out with the S-Series models, many people who had full-sized Vitamix machines didn’t want to buy another Vitamix, but they were eager to use a 20 oz. “blend and go” container! Customers asked, and Vitamix has delivered! Now you can order a Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter to use on your Legacy Model!

Not sure if your machine is a Legacy Model? Check here ➜  What are Vitamix Legacy Models?

In short, if your machine is a 5000 model or newer, and is not an S-Series model or an Ascent model, you probably have a Legacy model, and if you want a blend and go container, now you can have one!

Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

At $129.95 It Comes With:

  • Adapter
  • Two 20 oz. cups
  • Two lids
  • Getting started guide w/recipes
  • Contact Me HERE for details.

If you order a Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter from me you will get:

What are the limitations of the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter?

The Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter is primarily for smoothies, and recipes that are not too thick. For example, salad dressings, salsas, marinades, small batches of pesto, and mixing protein powders into liquids.

The Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter will not work for any recipe that is hot because there is no vented lid.

Thick recipes like hummus, nut butter, and ice cream require a tamper. If you want a personal size container that comes with a tamper, and has a vented lid, I recommend a 32 or 48 oz. container for the Legacy models. You can get my GOOD pricing, and ordering information for those containers by using the contact form on This Page.

Contact Me HERE, or use the form below to get instructions on how to place an order for a Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter.

Personal Cup Adapter - Contact Form

Contact me to get my pricing, and "freebies" when you order the Personal Cup Adapter from me!

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7 thoughts on “Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter – Blend and Go Containers for Your Vitamix!”

  1. I see that you haven’t updated your blog in two years and wondering if you are still on green smoothies and if anything is new??? Thanks!

  2. Looking forward to your video on this new accessory for the Vitamix. I really trust and value your opinion.

    • Hello Debbie, THANKS! I don’t have this adapter yet to do a video with, but I do have the S30 and have used that 20 oz. container and know they will function the same. This is good if you want to make small batches of thin recipes like smoothies (without TOO much frozen fruit or ice) and things like salad dressings and marinades. You can’t use this to make thick things that require a tamper like nut butters, ice creams, or hummus. You can’t use it to make hot things like soup (no vented lid). I use my 32 oz. wet container (has a tamper, and a vented lid) for every food preparation technique. Contact me at to get my GOOD pricing on a 32 oz. wet container if you don’t have one! Or use the same email address to ask me about my pricing for the personal cup adapter if that is what you want!

    • Hello Mary, They only became available for sale yesterday (I believe) so I’m not sure how many affiliates have one to make a youtube video with. I’ll get mine within the month, so if there aren’t any good videos by the time I get mine, I’ll make one! 😉

    • Hello Marty – thanks for this comment! Because of your question I have updated the article! The 20 oz adapter would be good for any cool/thin recipe, so a marinade, salsa, or dressing would work!


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