Vitamix 5300 vs 7500: Which One to Buy in 2020?

The Vitamix model 5300 is currently sold “off-the-shelf” in Costco Wholesale Clubs, and sometimes by Vitamix Demonstrators in “In-Line Vitamix Road Shows”. This is how the Vitamix 5300 compares to the Vitamix 7500 and other “Next Generation” Vitamix models.

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Vitamix 5300 vs 7500

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A Vitamix 7500, Pro 300, and the Creations Elite are all “Next Generation” models and are IDENTICAL machines in every way.  The only differences are the names on the front, the cookbooks they are sold with, and where the machines are sold. There is one additional difference with a Creations Elite.  When a Creations Elite is sold by QVC it comes with a 48 oz. Wet Container.  When you purchase a “Reconditioned Next Generation” model, the name on the motor base could be 7500, Pro 300, or Creations Elite, but the container is always the Low Profile, Wide Bottomed, 64 oz. Wet Container. Visit this page for more information on Vitamix Containers.

– Both the Vitamix 5300 and the Vitamix 7500 come with the Low Profile, Wide-Bottomed, Wet, 64 oz. container. It is very important to add a narrow bottomed Vitamix Container to your order if you choose any model that comes with the Low Profile, wide-bottomed, wet, 64 oz. container for the reasons listed here:  Vitamix Containers Explained (be SURE to read the comments to that blog article).  Contact me if you have any model that came with a wide bottomed container, but you don’t have a narrow bottomed wet container to go with it!

– The motor housings affect the “look” of the machine, and the air vents.  The Standard is an older design, and the Next Generation is a newer, sleeker design with a more modern “look”.  The 5300 has a Standard motor housing, and the 7500 has a Next Generation motor housing.  The Next Generation motor base has bigger intake air vents, which help to cool the motor.

– The standard motor in a 5300 model is stronger than the motor in an older Standard model, but Vitamix still considers this to be a Standard Motor because it does not have the suspended motor design of the Next Generation models (which is advertised to be 40% quieter, but you are never going to hold a conversation in the kitchen with any Vitamix model running on high).

– Both the 5300 and the 7500 come with Variable Speed Control from 1-10. Contact me to ask for my form letter to learn what I think of the models with programmed settings.

– The Vitamix 5300 does not come with an instructional DVD or a cookbook. It has a “Getting Started Plus” booklet which includes 70 recipes.

– The Vitamix 7500 comes with an instructional DVD and the “Simply Fresh” cookbook which contains over 200 recipes.


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14 thoughts on “Vitamix 5300 vs 7500: Which One to Buy in 2020?”

  1. Hi , I would like to know if vitamix 7500 has a smoother finished smoothie or vitamix 5300?or do they perform the same? Thanks.

  2. So undecided. brain is on overload from reading so many reviews. I am just getting into smoothies. I want to do a one time purchase with a good blender. I feel the vitamix is the way to go. HOWEVER I’m so confused as to which model to go with….I don’t want to make a mistake since money is tight and I want to invest for the long haul. I live with my adult son and want us both to eat healthy.
    I may want to do nut butters…can you help? Thinking of the 5300…does that come with DVD and tamper and 32 oz?

    • Hello Jeanne, please use the contact form on this page to get my pricing and recommendations. All Vitamix machines can make nut butters! Be sure to visit the archives of this blog, and find the article on How To Make Nut Butter in a Vitamix!

  3. I’d like to know if the Vitamix (model specific would help) liquifies the seeds of berries such as raspberry, strawb erries and pomograntes?

  4. I hope you don’t mind 2 more questions about some info I read on another site comparing the 5200 to the 7500. I’m wondering if those same differences apply to all C-series models(like the 5300/6300/6500).

    1. It said the fan on the 5200 only runs when the speed is set to High, but the 7500 runs the fan all the time so it’s less likely to overheat if you’re blending something thick at lower speeds. Are the other C-series the same way, even though they don’t have the actual High switch anymore?

    2. It said that even if both are set to high, the 7500 has a larger vent for airflow so it’s also less likely to overheat when blending thick mixtures. If that’s true, I would assume it applies to all of the C-series

    Sorry to bug you again!


  5. Do you know if the 5300 makes the same amount of noise compared to the 5200? I have a friend who has the 5200 so I would like to know if they are comparable. I saw the 5300 at Costco and thought it looked very nice, nicer than my friend’s 5200!

    I haven’t seen the 7500 in person though so I don’t know if it’s quieter enough to make me choose that one instead. I saw a few videos on Youtube that compared the 7500 to the 5200 and it was definitely quieter but I dont know if it made much of a difference it was still very loud.

    I wish I knew someone with the 7500 so I could listen to it myself and compare to my friend’s 5200 but for now that’s all I have to go on.

    Thank you so much for your website I’ve been reading it slowly to find the right Vitamix for me but I haven’t decided yet. These last few articles you posted have been really helpful thank you so much!!


    • Hello Jen,

      Thanks for your question! Do you have my form letters where I send you my model recommendations, pricing, and ordering information?

      The 5300 has a more pleasant pitch than the 5200, and is slightly quieter, but is not as quiet as the 7500 (or the other Next Generation models). Sound reduction is very hard to describe.

      Don’t forget that with the 5300 or the Next Generation models, you will need an additional container to go with it for the reasons listed here: (be SURE to read the comments)!

      • Thank you so much for your reply! I’m very glad to hear that it isn’t louder than the 5200 because that one I’ve heard before and can definitely stand the sound.

        I wish Vitamix had videos on their website of all the models in action that would make it much easier to compare them! Especially one comparing the G series to the C series because then people could hear the difference for themselves instead of just reading “40% quieter”.

        I like the idea of it being quieter but I also like the stainless steel look of the 5300 better, so it’s hard to decide between those two differences if I can’t actually hear the difference. If the 7500 had stainless option like the 750 I would buy it for sure, the 750 looks the nicest to me but it’s a lot more expensive and I really don’t want the preset programs.

        Thank you!!!


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