Pureeing the Seeds of Pumpkins and Squashes

Learn how to liquify the seeds of Pumpkins, and squashes like Acorn or Butternut with your Vitamix so you can include them in your purees! You will also learn the FAST and EASY way to bake your Pumpkins and Squashes!

There are many great recipes that use pureed Pumpkin, or squashes like Acorn or Butternut. Although the seeds can be removed, cleaned up, and baked for use as a snack, Because I have a Vitamix (and it can liquify just about any food item), I like to include the seeds of pumpkins and squashes in my purees so I get all of the fiber and added protein. This tutorial shows you the best way to get those seeds blended into a smooth and creamy puree!

Bonus: Many recipes for baking squash and pumpkin call for cutting the raw squash or pumpkin in half.  I don’t like to cook, so I’m always trying to find time-saving methods, and easier ways to do things.  When it comes to cooking pumpkins and squashes, my time saving method is to bake the pumpkin or squash whole, then cut them in half when they are soft!

The pictures below show how I puree Pumpkin, Acorn, Butternut, and other Squashes including the Seeds and Strings!

Squash Did I mention that I don’t like to cook?  Well, I also don’t like washing dishes, so I line a glass pie plate or baking dish with parchment paper first.  Next I stab the squash/pumpkin on the top to prevent explosions (allows steam to escape). I then bake at 350° until I smell it (I rarely time things). Once I smell it, I check it every 10 minutes or so, and when I can push on the skin and feel that the flesh is soft, I take it out.
After baking, I split the cooked squash/pumpkin in half (they practically fall apart by themselves) and…
…scoop out only the seeds and strings.
Then, I put the seeds/strings into my Vitamix Container – in this case, my 32 oz. wet container which I use for just about EVERYTHING!).

Then I add only enough water to cover the seeds, strings, and the blades. I try to add as little water as possible – just enough so that the blades and the seeds are covered. The blades have to be covered or things won’t blend.

The reason for blending the seeds first is covered in detail in this blog article:  How to blend Berry, Grape, Flax, and Chia seeds in your Vitamix

Then I blend on High until there is no trace of seed texture left! You get the fiber and the protein from the seeds this way – nothing goes to waste!

NOTE:  In a Standard model High is on the switch, In the Standard Programs, or a Next Generation model Variable control #10 = High.

Here you can see the beautiful, pureed-until-smooth seeds/strings/water from another angle.

After being blended on high until smooth, the seeds and fiber have almost the same texture and taste as the puree of the flesh!  They are packed with fiber and protein, so this method boosts the nutritional value of your purees!

Although a Vitamix could liquify the skin of baked pumpkin and squashes, I would only do that with organic, and even with organic, I figure that the seeds have enough fiber, so I scrape the cooked flesh out of the skin. (This task is easier with Pumpkin which has a thicker skin than with Butternut Squash).
After the seeds, strings, and a bit of water are liquified, I add the cooked squash or pumpkin flesh to the pureed seeds/strings/water mix, then blend again on High until Smooth and Creamy!
Here is a shot of the pureed butternut squash with the seeds included and it tastes just like pureed flesh of butternut squash, but with additional fiber and protein!
Then I put it in whatever jar I am going to store it in.

I often leave 1 cup in the container and make a batch of my “Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes.” (recipe coming soon).  I use squashes interchangeably for Pumpkin and vice versa in most recipes.  Healthy! Yummy!

My storage jar is a Weck Canning Jar – I use Weck Storage jars in all sizes for just about everything!

Now I can use the puree for soups, smoothies, pancakes, muffins, cheesecakes, or soufflés!

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By Lea Ann Savage – Copyright 2015

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    • No, I haven’t yet. Basically it is 1/2 cup pumpkin puree, 1 banana, 2 eggs, 1 TBS of Banana Flour, 1 TBS of Coconut Flour, a pinch of sea salt, a tsp of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, and 2 TBS of MCT Oil I blend these ingredients on about variable speed #5 until smooth. Then, I turn the machine down to Variable Speed #1 and add a hand full of walnuts. I only process until the walnuts are chopped, but still chunky. I bake in a 350° oven (on parchment paper). Makes 2 large, or 4 small pancakes.

  1. Lea Ann, I wanted to say thank you for this tip! We use pumpkin as a staple food in our home to combat autism symptoms. I tried this method last night and nobody was the wiser. Yet, now I know it’s providing that extra anti free-radical protection, too! 🙂

  2. I had no idea you eat the seeds and would not have thought of eating the strings, for sure! I cooked my squashes and pumpkins in my instant pot this fall, and then pureed in the VM. The best duo in kitchen appliances!

    • Pat I couldn’t agree with you more …..I love my instant pot and I love my vita mix but please tell me how did you cook the squash in the instant pot…… I’ve never done that?


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