Personal Cup Adapter – Contact Form

I can only send my pricing, and ordering information via email.  The “Freebie” that I am currently offering is So Good that I’m not allowed to post it in a public forum (but I can tell you what it is in an email)!

If you fill out this form, I will reply by email as soon as possible (there is no autoresponder).  Your information only goes to my inbox. I do not sell email addresses or put you on a list of any kind!

Personal Cup Adapter - Contact Form

Contact me to get my pricing, and "freebies" when you order the Personal Cup Adapter from me!

I will reply by email with a form letter, that has my Pricing, and Ordering Information. These emails are sent manually, so they may not arrive right away, but I will respond quickly.  I usually respond within minutes or hours the same day, but if your message arrives if after I am asleep, I will reply first thing in the morning.

(Sometimes my emails end up there)