Vitamix 5200 and Refurbished Standard

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The Vitamix 5200 was the top-of-the-line Vitamix for several years, won many industry awards, and is still considered by many of the “old time” demonstrators and chefs to be the best. For years it only had one name (5200), and was only sold by Vitamix, or by Vitamix demonstrators in Road Shows.  Now Vitamix now calls […]

Miracle Berries for Vitamix Recipes

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A Miracle Berry is a truly miraculous way to sweeten Vitamix Recipes without adding sweeteners of ANY Kind! Would you like to make a smoothie that tastes like you added sugar, but has NO sugar, NO dates, NO agave, NO artificial sweeteners, NO stevia, NO honey, NOTHING but the addition of an ingredient (think fruit) that is at least partially sour? Everyone knows […]

Vitamix Whole Fruit Margarita

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This is the FAMOUS “Vitamix Whole Fruit Margarita” recipe.  If you plan to make this for a party, be sure to peel the fruit before you go, or you’ll be in the kitchen preparing the margaritas all night while everyone else is enjoying the party (ask me how I know this)! If you don’t have a […]

Sounds the Vitamix Makes and What They Mean

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Some people are afraid of the sounds coming out of their beloved Vitamix machines because they are afraid they will damage the machine. This will put your mind at ease, because you will learn what causes the sounds, and what they mean. Not many people are concerned about the sounds a Vitamix makes when on […]

How to make Nut Butter in a Vitamix

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It is easy to make nut butters of all kinds in your Vitamix, if you follow these simple directions. These are the important bullet points to remember: Nut Butters are made in a Wet Container Nut Butters are ONLY made on High Use Roasted nuts Don’t start with Hot Nuts! Use DRY nuts Use the […]

Vitamix Low Carb Recipe Ideas

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Many people follow a “Low Carb” diet, and are rightly concerned about consuming too much sugar in their smoothies. Many smoothies (especially commercially prepared smoothes) are indeed high in natural, and sometimes added sugars. Combine this truth with the fact that many people have a hard time thinking outside of “the Vitamix-is-a-Smoothie-Maker” box, and you […]

Vitamix Containers Explained

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Learn about the different kinds of Vitamix Containers for Vitamix Legacy models, how they work, what Vitamix recipes they are best for, and why you should consider getting a 32 oz. wet container if you don’t already have one! CONTACT ME HERE for My PRICING on Vitamix Containers (and to find out what Free Gift you […]

Vitamix Buyer’s Guide, Model Comparisons, and Shopping Assistance

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Are you looking to buy a Vitamix Blender?  Are you a bit “overwhelmed” by all of the choices?  If you answered, “yes” to either question, you’ve come to Exactly the RIGHT place! When I am not demonstrating the AMAZING Vitamix Blender in person, at a Road Show (Costco, Whole Foods Market, Sam’s Club, Military Base, […]

Why I Recommend Reconditioned Vitamix Machines

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A reconditioned Vitamix is a good value, and a smart choice.  They work just like new. They look just like new. The container is always brand new, and most importantly, they come with the incredible warranty and full customer service support that Vitamix owners rave about. I only buy Reconditioned Vitamix machines for myself, or when I […]