My Thoughts on Vitamix Models with Pre-Sets (Programmed Settings)

These are the Vitamix Models that have pre-sets (programmed settings):

Standard Programs:
– Pro 500
– 6300
– TNC 3

Next Generation Programs:
– Pro 750

Hybrid Costco Model:
– 6500 (Standard motor base, Next Generation container)

Visit to see a chart which explains the differences between the Standard and the Next Generation models.

I am not a big fan of the machines with pre-set buttons because they predominantly function as timers, and in my experience the smoothie timer is too short, the ice cream timer is too long, and often the soup timer is too long.  If you have the two additional pre-sets that come with a Next Generation model, the puree timer has no idea if you are pureeing cooked peas or raw beets (each would require much different processing times), and the wash timer is unnecessary. To wash a Vitamix container, only takes seconds.  You add 2-3 cups of water, a couple of drops of dish soap, buzz on High for a few seconds, rinse, and you are done! I prefer to wash mine with a bottle brush, and not the spin with water method to prevent mineral build up from turning the container cloudy.

When I decided to upgrade from my 5200 I had enough money to buy a Pro 750, and specifically chose not to purchase that model, because the pre-set buttons would just clutter my user-interface (I would never use them).  I now have a Pro 750 in the house (to use when I demonstrate at a high-end kitchen store), and though I would be allowed to use it for personal use if I wanted to, I keep it in storage.

The recipes that come with the machine are designed for the pre-sets.  What happens when you want to use your own recipe?  The machine cannot tell if you are using one cup or six cups.  It cannot tell if your ingredients are frozen or hot.  And a pre-set does not know if you want the texture silky smooth, or a bit on the “chunky” side.  It is easy to learn how to make any recipe turn out the texture and the temperature you desire, and I teach you how to do this in the recipes section of my website.

For example, I never walk away from the machine when I am making my smoothies because in the first part, I’m using the tamper, and in the second part, I’m watching the particles go away – I know my smoothie is finished when there are no more “flecks” and the smoothie is all one color – I have to be there to watch for this, and I shut it off RIGHT when I see the last particle disappear!

Ice cream is the same way – there is just too much difference in the density of different kinds of frozen ingredients for a timer to work for all recipes.  Ice and frozen strawberries are much denser than frozen bananas for example.

Soups  – are you making soup from cold leftovers? recently cooked foods? (the timer won’t work in either of those situations because it is set for room temperature foods).  Most Vitamix Soups are made from recently cooked foods, or left overs!

You can always walk away from your Vitamix machine whether you have pre-sets or not – you just have to step back over to turn it off with a model that doesn’t have pre-sets.

People are often confused when they use a timer (pre-set) and they find that it didn’t get the recipe the texture or temperature they were looking for, and they need to use the manual side to finish it off (for example if a smoothie is not smooth enough).  People expect the timer to work as advertised, but there is no way for a timer to know the volume, temperature, or density of the food that was put into the container.

I would take the $$$ saved by Not buying a model with pre-set timers, and invest it in an extra narrow-bottomed container such as a 32 oz. wet because the bigger bottomed container that comes with the Next Generation machines doesn’t do well with recipes under 2 cups. The 32 oz. does great with recipes that go down to as little as 3/4 of a cup and one cup recipes like mayonnaise, pesto, salad dressings, and marinades.

Be SURE to read the comments to this article:  “Vitamix Containers Explained” to see how important it is to have a narrow bottomed container if you have a “Next Generation” model, and how nice it is to have if you have a “Standard” model.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to take an order for a model with pre-sets (my commission is higher), but I want to save you money if possible.

Some people really want the option to walk away from the machine, and if money isn’t the primary consideration – for them, a model with pre-sets is an excellent choice as long as they don’t choose the pre-sets over the additional narrow bottomed container.  IMO adding a narrow bottomed container to your order with a Next Generation model is a much higher priority than getting pre-sets.

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