Vitamix Model Recommendations, Pricing, and Ordering Information


THANK YOU for contacting me by email! Your email address did not go on a list, and my emails with model recommendations, pricing, and ordering information are not sent to you by autoresponder. I will reply with my marketing emails as soon as possible, but ALWAYS within 24 hours!

As a Vitamix Show Demonstrator, I can only sell outside of a Road Show through personal contact (emails, texts, messages, or phone calls). Thanks again for contacting me!

My goal is to help you choose the best model for YOUR Needs, Wants, and Budget. I understand there are many places where you can buy a Vitamix machine, so I try very hard to earn your business through extensive Guidance and Support before, and after the sale. If my guidance helped you make your decision, please consider buying from me for that reason! You can always call or email me with questions.

If you buy through me you get:

➜ Free Ebook: “30 Green Smoothie Recipes” (a $9.99 value)
➜ FREE Standard Shipping
 AMAZING SUPPORT: (I’m always there for you before and after the sale)!
➜ Free Vitamix Cookbook by Jodi Berg with the purchase of certain models (a $19.95 value)
➜ FREE $100 Bonus Item with the purchase of a Certified Reconditioned Next Generation model
➜ FREE $99.95 Bonus Item with the purchase of an A3500
➜ You get a FREE Additional Year of Warranty with any NEW 7500, 6300, or 5200 model purchased through me (7-year warranty becomes an 8 year warranty)!
➜ FREE Additional Container with the purchase of a New 5200, or a new 6300 model!

All machines come with a 64 oz Wet Container, Cookbook, Getting Started Guide, DVD, Lid, Lid Plug, and a Tamper. What you see at Vitamix online for any model is what you are getting if you place your order through me. If you are looking at Vitamix models online PLEASE DON’T ORDER while you are at the Vitamix website, or I won’t get a commission, and you won’t get Free Shipping, or my Free Ebook, or the Free additional year of Warranty.

Orders through me are placed in one of two ways:

➔ On an Order Form that goes to the Vitamix Show Department. This is the same as buying from a demonstrator at a Trade Show or Fair. There are some “freebies” and benefits that are only available if I send an order to Vitamix this way. The Free Additional container with the purchase of a New 5200 or 6300, and the Free Additional year of Warranty with the purchase of a New machine are only available if an order is placed this way. Orders placed this way use THIS ORDER FORM.


➔ Through a Vitamix Home Party. You would be a “Virtual” guest, and get the same benefits offered to guests of a live home party. I am only allowed to say what the Free Bonus Items are in person at a Home Party, or in a phone call (321-961-9219). The Bonus Item if you purchase a New A3500 is worth $99.95! The Bonus Item if you purchase a Certified Reconditioned Next Generation model is valued between $129.95 to $144.95! Orders placed this way use THIS ORDER FORM. OR you can call me at 321-961-9219 and I will help you place your order at using a special code. OR you can ask me for instructions on how to place the order yourself, but if you place the order and use the code incorrectly there is no way to go back and fix it, and you would not get the Free Bonus Item.

Vitamix handles the shipping and billing for my orders. When you buy “through me” you are buying Directly From Vitamix – so Everything Vitamix offers (Pricing, the Warranty, any Promotional Sale pricing, the 30-day Free Trial, Customer Service, Product Registration, and the $100 Trade-in Offer), you will get if you buy “through” me. The only difference between buying from me, and buying from Vitamix online, or ordering on the phone directly from Vitamix, is that my orders go to Vitamix Order Entry through the Show Department on a physical order form I send them, OR the order is placed at using a Special Vitamix Home Party Code that gives you Free Shipping, a Jodi Berg Cookbook, and the Free Party Bonus Item (with “certain” models), and gives me credit for the sale.

All orders placed through me are already registered to the buyer with Vitamix. If you are giving it as a gift, the recipient can EASILY transfer the warranty when they get their machine!

ANYTHING you find for sale at Vitamix online is my pricing. You can purchase any model or accessory you see at Some machines get better “freebies” than others, and if you aren’t sure, we can talk about it in a phone call: 321-961-9219, or in an email:

Be on the lookout for my form letters I will be sending by email. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER! I look forward to helping you choose the BEST Vitamix for your needs and budget!


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