My name is Lea Ann Savage (Lea Ann Anderson Savage on FB) and I was a Vitamix Sales Demonstrator from October 2007 until mid-July 2017. This Facebook Group, is the primary way that I support My Customers after the sale. I also gladly support Vitamix owners from all over the world!  Please visit for more details about the support I offer.  If you did not buy your Vitamix machine from me, but you appreciate the support I offer in this group, please send your friends and family to: if they are shopping for a Vitamix!

When I sell a Vitamix, I am not just selling a machine, I am also offering my customers an opportunity to improve their lives by improving their diet! I am passionate about helping people discover that the Vitamix is SO MUCH MORE than just a smoothie, ice cream, and soup maker! I want my customers to use their Vitamix to the fullest extent possible, and to be confident they made a wise investment! Any time you get to Amazon from a link on this page: I get a SMALL “referral reward”, and I am SINCERELY GRATEFUL!  This helps compensate me for the time spend answering questions, and helping Vitamix owners get the most use out of their machines!

If you have any questions about buying a Vitamix Machine, or a Vitamix Container…

PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST Here:  Facebook Contact Form

Or email me at or use the Contact Me form at this page:  Blender Buying Help 

Some Helpful Links all in one location:

This Page (Bookmark this page, and you always have all of the links below in one handy location!) (This is my Amazon Associates (Affiliate) link)
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Blender Lady Website
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Blender Lady Support (Support For Vitamix Owners)
Vitamix Buying Assistance (please go here if you are looking to buy a Vitamix)
30 Green Smoothie Recipes eBook (we do a Green Smoothie Challenge at the beginning of every month)
Vitamix Recipes (My Show Recipes, and a few favorites)
Products I Recommend (my Amazon Affiliate link)
Vitamix Enthusiasts Yahoo Group – this group is no longer active, but the archives are full of valuable information and recipes!

Now on to the Basic Group Guidelines (use common sense and common courtesy)… 

Please Do Not post other Vitamix sales or offers

Please DO direct people who are looking to buy a Vitamix or a Container to My pricing and what I can offer often beats any other offers, but when it does not, I will let them know.

If you have a question about which model to buy – please use the contact me form at to connect with me.  Helping people choose the best model for their needs and budget is my specialty! There isn’t one machine or package is right for everyone.

Asking the group which model they recommend isn’t usually very productive, because all Vitamix models with variable speed control are awesome, and 95% of the people will reply with “I have the __________ model, and I LOVE it”!  🙂

I’m here to help you choose the best model for your needs, and whatever model you choose, I’ll be here to make sure you know how to use it!

Please do not use this group to promote your FB page, or group, blog, services, or your products.  

This includes Shakeology, Arbonne, Essential Oils, any MLM product, your Blog, your Services, Instagram page, Facebook page, group, or Any Product that you sell.  Along these lines, do not ask people to private message you, and do not contact group members privately to sell your product to them directly.  Many groups owners will ban members who violate this kind of guideline – often with no explanation.  I will give one warning.  Any posts or comments mentioning an MLM product by name (or referring to an MLM product in a way that could cause people to ask questions about it) will be deleted.  Pictures that include an MLM product where the name is clearly visible with be deleted.

Questions or any comment about a moderated post or comment go to me in a Private FB Message and NOT to the group.

Any posts or comments to the group asking about moderation will be deleted.  The group is not the appropriate place for questions or comments about moderation.

This is not a group for Classified Ads.

Please do not post anything for sale, or ask about items for sale without checking with me first – this includes free Ebooks.

When asking for help with a recipe…

Please let me know what model you have, what container you were using, and give me the recipe or ingredients you tried so I can properly troubleshoot. Give me as much information as you can so I can give the best reply. What speed were you using? How long did you blend? Did you use the tamper? You’d be surprised how often we get posts like… “My smoothie didn’t taste good, how can I fix it?”


This should go without saying, but do not be rude or insulting.  Ever. More often than not, a post that is interpreted as rude or insulting was not intended that way.  But sometimes it was. If you see a rude or insulting comment DO NOT REPLY – report it to an admin, and let us handle it.  When you are writing to the group, please re-read your posts, and think about HOW your words might be understood by others before hitting the “Post” or “enter” button.

If someone shares a great way they used their Vitamix machine, please don’t say something like, “I wouldn’t do it that way”, or “there is a better way”, unless the original poster is asking for ways to improve the recipe or procedure.  Please let people share their creations without feeling like they are going to be evaluated or critiqued.

Any comments that tell someone their food choice is wrong or bad, or what they did was wrong will be deleted.


All posts or comments that serve no purpose other than to complain, criticize, or condemn, and anything deemed overly negative will be deleted without explanation.

Praise in public, criticize in private.

Add “JK” (Just Kidding) or the word “Wink” when being sarcastic.

I love sarcasm more than you can imagine (just ask the people who know me personally), but in a forum such as this, it can too often be misunderstood. If you are being sarcastic, let everyone know. Sarcastic comments that are not identified as sarcasm will be deleted.

Please be patient with new members.  

Even though these Guidelines are Pinned, probably more than half will not have read them when they do something that does not align with the “guidelines”. If you see a post or comment that does not align with the guidelines, please notify me in a private message, and I will gently direct them to the guidelines.

Refrain from strongly promoting any one viewpoint on health, a product, or a food.

I am very interested in health, but this group is for everyone.  It is for those who make milkshakes and margaritas, as well as those who make Green Smoothies, and eat no processed foods.  And please keep in mind some people (like me) may follow the “80/20 Rule” eating a “clean” diet 80% of the time, but may indulge 20% of the time.

– Just because someone may post a recipe that you consider “unhealthy” doesn’t mean they eat that way all of the time, are recommending anyone eat that way all of the time, or that you should warn anyone about the health consequences of that recipe or ingredient.

– There are people in this group who follow every conceivable kind of diet:  Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, GAPS, SCD, THM, Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, Atkins, 80/10/10, and the list goes on and on.  Please review to get an idea of my views on different diets.  What is right and healthy for you may not be right or healthy for someone else.

– Be especially courteous and careful when the topic of agave or artificial sugars come up.  I’ve seen more hurt feelings and emotional upset over heated discussions I call “Sugar Wars”.  Please don’t warn anyone about the dangers of a food or sweetener choice.

Please don’t ask for dietary or medical advice

Visit: There is no “One Size Fits All Diet” to see that what works for one person may not work for another.  Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.  Medical advice is best answered by a doctor of functional medicine, a dietician, or a skilled naturopath.  We are not doctors, and we cannot know YOUR metabolic status, the status of YOUR elimination pathways, whether you have food allergies or sensitivities, etc.  There are just too many variables where food and diet are concerned for there to be a universal answer to this kind of question.  There are MANY FB groups devoted to all kinds of diets that you can join! Let’s make sure that ALL FEEL WELCOME HERE!

Please don’t ask for weight loss advice, or for a smoothie recipe designed for a specific medical condition.

For example, “I’m looking for a smoothie recipe to help detox the liver”, or “What is a good weight loss program using the Vitamix”.  Just as in the guideline above, your best advice will come from other FB Groups dedicated to those specific topics.

Do Not ask the group for opinions on Protein Powders, or good sources of protein for smoothies.

This question always causes very heated debates between vegans and those who consume animal products.  It also invites attempts to sell protein products by people affiliated with MLM companies such as Shakeology and others.  You will get as many different answers as you would get from a Google search (which is your best bet if you want information on Protein Powders). ALL POSTS AND COMMENTS THAT MENTION A PROTEIN POWDER SOLD BY MLM WILL BE DELETED.  Most posts that mention a protein powder of any kind (by name or brand) will be deleted.

Please do not post links to articles, videos, pictures, or blogs unless…

You have tried the recipe (or ingredient) and you have something to say about your experience with that recipe.  Or, you have a question about the recipe or ingredient, or you have something of personal relevance to contribute.  If you post a link to something that is not about a recipe or ingredient (for example food storage ideas), be sure to explain in MORE THAN ONE SENTENCE why the link is relevant to a group of people who are here to learn how to use their Vitamix machines to the fullest extent possible.  Links to articles, videos, pictures, blogs, etc. that do not align with this guideline will be deleted without comment.

Please keep your posts on topic.

I LOVE the strong community “feel” of this group, but let’s remember that new people are joining at the rate of 40-70 per day on average, and they are here to discuss the Vitamix!

Questions about a machine malfunction, or possible damage to your machine or container should ALWAYS go to Vitamix Customer Service FIRST

They are trained to diagnose problems over the phone, and they will advise if you need to send the container, the machine, or both in for repairs.  Vitamix pays for shipping BOTH Ways!  Feel free to post to the group to see if anyone else has experienced your problem, but ONLY after you have ALREADY contacted Vitamix Customer Service.

If you chew up your tamper – call customer service.  Sometimes they replace the first tamper free!

Vitamix Customer Service:  800-848-2649

– When they say, “If you know your party’s 4-digit extension, please dial it now” – DO NOTHING.
– After they say, “If you want to dial by name, please press 1” – DO NOTHING.
– Then they will say, “Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed, for Household Product Sales and Customer Service, please press 1 – PRESS 1.

Then you can choose from these options:

1 – if you have No internet access, and you want to Register your Machine
2 – to check on the Status Of your Order
3 – Sales (to buy a Vitamix or ask pre-purchase questions)
4 – Repairs and Warranty issues
5 – questions about Recipes
6 – General Vitamix Questions 

Complaints about Vitamix, their products, their repair service, their corporate policies, or their customer service should be directed to THEIR Facebook Page, and NOT this group

This is not the appropriate place for anyone to vent their concerns and/or frustrations with Vitamix Products, Repair Service, Policies, or Customer Service.

This is not the place to discuss the materials Vitamix is made with, or any concerns you have with Vitamix Decisions, Policies, or Manufacturing Processes.

I will edit and update these guidelines as needed.

This is not a comprehensive list of “rules”, and will be updated as needed.  If you have a question about these guidelines, or whether or not something is allowed, please email me at (I rarely check my “Other FB Messages” folder).  I greatly prefer email over FB message to carry on a conversation.

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  • Vitamix Buyer’s Guide

    By Lea Ann Savage – Copyright 2015