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    Why I Recommend Reconditioned Vitamix Machines
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    How To and Information Articles:
    How to Make Nut Butter in a Vitamix
    Sounds the Vitamix Makes, and What They Mean
    How to clean a Vitamix Container
    Apple Seeds are Safe
    Benefits of Chewing, Vitamix Blending, Juicing
    How to blend Berry, Grape, Flax, and Chia seeds in your Vitamix
    Seeds, Stems, Leaves, and Skins you can use in your Vitamix
    How to Puree the Seeds of Pumpkins and Squashes

    30 Green Smoothie Recipes Ebook


    Smoothie Recipes
    30 Green Smoothie Recipes Ebook
    Green Lemonade
    Emerald Ecstasy Green Smoothie
    Banana Bread Superfood Smoothie

    Juice Recipes
    Vitamix Carrot Juice Recipe

    Soup Recipes
    Vitamix Tortilla Soup

    Ice Cream and Sorbet Recipes
    Vitamix Wine Sorbet

    Recipes using Dry Chopping or Wet Chopping

    Recipes for Batters (Using the Vitamix as a Mixer)

    Milk Alternatives

    Hot Drink Recipes

    Recipes for Sauces and Condiments

    Healthy Snacks
    Raw Applesauce

    Miscellaneous Recipes
    Vitamix Low Carb Recipe Ideas
    Vitamix Whole Fruit Margarita

    Vitamix Model Reviews and Comparisons:
    Vitamix 6500 vs. Pro 750
    Vitamix 6500 vs. 6300
    Vitamix 5300 vs. 7500
    Vitamix 5200 aka Standard aka C-Series

    Vitamix Accessory Reviews:
    Perfect Blend Scale and App

    Product Reviews:

    Food Products
    Tropical Traditions Coconut Products
    Miracle Berries

    Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets that go well with a Vitamix



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