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Vitamix Buyer’s Guide. Are you looking to buy a Vitamix Blender?  Are you a bit “overwhelmed” by all of the choices?  If you answered, “yes” to either question, you’ve come to Exactly the RIGHT place! When I am not demonstrating the AMAZING Vitamix Blender in person, at a Road Show (Costco, Whole Foods Market, Sam’s Club, Military Base, Fair, or Home Show), I specialize in offering Personalized Vitamix Shopping Guidance.

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Vitamix Buyer’s Guide

My goal is to help you choose the Best Vitamix Blender Model, (and/or accessories) for YOUR Needs at the VERY BEST price. If you are not sure what Vitamix model is best for you, I can answer all of your questions if you contact me here:  Blender Buying Help Contact – I reply with form letters that have my Vitamix Model Recommendations, Pricing, and Ordering Information. Vitamix Buyer’s Guide.

In general, there are four “main” kinds of residential Vitamix Blenders, but there are more than four names. Some are identical Vitamix Blenders packaged with different support materials, cookbooks, a different name on the front, and sold in different stores.  Use this Vitamix Buyer’s Guide (chart) to help you understand the features of the different models:

Vitamix Buyer's Guide

➜ The Vitamix S30 and the S55 are not full-sized, full-featured Vitamix machines, and therefore are not included in the chart above.  Information and videos about The Vitamix S30.  To learn more about these models, use my contact form below and ask for my “Vitamix S30, S55 Email”.

➜ The Vitamix 5300 has a “Standard” motor housing, but an upgraded motor that can push the longer blades of the Low Profile 64 oz. container that comes with it.  Please use my contact form below if you want additional information on the Vitamix 5300.  I recommend the 7500 (aka Next Generation) model over the 5300 for reasons I explain in my “Vitamix 5300 Email”.

➜ The Vitamix 6500 has a “Standard” motor housing, but an upgraded motor that can push the longer blades of the Low Profile 64 oz. container that comes with it.  Information on the Vitamix 6500 can be found here:
Vitamix 6500 vs. Pro 7500
Vitamix 6500 vs. 6300

Use the Contact Form on this page to ask for my email form letter about the Vitamix Ascent models.

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I can send you my
Vitamix Model Recommendations, Pricing, and Ordering Information.

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Questions I can answer for you:

– Do I Really need the pre-sets?
– How important is Variable Speed Control?
– What is the difference between the wide-bottomed, Low Profile, and the narrow-bottomed Containers?
– What are the advantages and disadvantages of the wide-bottomed, Low Profile Container?
– Do I need an extra Wet container? (for some models, the answer is yes)!
– Can I buy a Low Profile Container to go on my Vitamix motor base?
– How are the Dry and the Wet containers different?
– Do I need a Dry Container?
– Can I grind grains in the wet container?
– What do you think of Reconditioned machines?
– Is this offer (fill-in-the-blank-with-the-offer-you-are-considering) best for me?
– 64 oz. Low Profile Wet, 64 oz. Tall Wet, 32 oz. Wet, 48 oz. Wet, 32 oz. Dry.  So many choices… HELP!
– Do you recommend a TurboBlend Two Speed?
– What is the difference between the Vitamix “Getting Started”, “Healthy Lifestyle”, and “Complete Kitchen”?
– I’m not sure that I’ll use it. What kind of support do you offer?
– What if I have a problem or question – will you be there for me?
– Does every model come with a cookbook?
– Can you beat this (fill-in-the-blank) offer?
– What is the meaning of life?

WARNING!  If you are on the fence about buying a Vitamix Blender, the following video has been reported to push “Nervous Shoppers”, “Reluctant Browsers”, “Penny Pinching Misers”, “Obstinate Spouses”, “Skeptical Sally’s”, and Lemmings Right Over The Edge! Vitamix Buyer’s Guide.

Vitamix Fresh Fruit Juice Demonstration Video Screenshot - Vitamix Buyers Guide
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Did you watch the video?  Are you chomping at the bit to make Healthy Food FASTER, reach your Weight Loss Goals, Trick your Kids into Eating Their Veggies, make Margaritas like a Pro, or Impress your Friends with your Culinary Creations? Be SURE to check with me before you buy your Vitamix Blender, so you Don’t Make The Wrong Choice (or spend one penny more than you have to!).  I want you to have Lots of Money left over for Fresh Produce!

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