Why I Recommend Reconditioned Vitamix Machines

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A reconditioned Vitamix is a good value, and a smart choice.  They work just like new. They look just like new. The container is always brand new, and most importantly, they come with the incredible warranty and full customer service support that Vitamix owners rave about. I only buy Reconditioned Vitamix machines for myself, or when I buy them as gifts.  Please be sure to read the comments below to see what others think about like-new, reconditioned Vitamix machines!

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For the technical and detail oriented, be sure to visit each of these links to get the nitty-gritty regarding the incredible value and quality of a “just like new” Vitamix:

Certified Reconditioning Process
Certified Reconditioned Warranty
Certified Reconditioned Benefits

In my seven years of experience as a Vitamix demonstrator, I’ve found that there is no telling which machine is going to have a “problem”.  Although it is very rare, sometimes things happen, and a repair needs to be made.  I find that these rare occurrences happen just as often with new machines. Your security isn’t in “new” over “reconditioned”. Your security is in the warranty!

The Vitamix Warranty is the best in the industry.  If something doesn’t work during the warranty period, Vitamix will make it right.  Vitamix even pays for shipping BOTH WAYS (from your house to the factory in Cleveland, Ohio – NOT China – and back to your house)! You can even arrange for a free UPS pick up! Purchasing an additional warranty is always a gamble, but in case you are still leaning towards new, here is something to think about…Although an extended warranty costs $120 if you purchase separately, it is only $75 if you purchase with the machine! Buying this way, a reconditioned Vitamix with an 8-year warranty, costs less than buying new with a 7-year warranty! For example:

5200 (Standard)
REC with 5-year warranty – $329
REC with 8-year warranty – $404
New with 7-year warranty – $449

6300 (Standard Programs)
REC with 5-year warranty – $379
REC with 8-year warranty – $454
New with 7-year warranty – $649

7500 (Next Generation)
REC with 5-year warranty – $439 (Red is on sale for $429)
REC with 8-year warranty – $514
New with 7-year warranty – $529

Pro 750 (Next Generation Programs)
REC with 5-year warranty – $519
REC with 8-year warranty – $594
New with 7-year warranty – $639

Many people ask me for my opinion regarding the extended warranty.  As I mentioned above, it is always a “gamble”, because no one can see into the future. I cannot advise you, but I will say that personally I choose to save the $. I don’t buy the extended warranty.

You can also buy a NEW Vitamix from me (and for some people, new is important), but for those who are looking to save money for an extra container or more produce, reconditioned is a safe, smart way to go!

Please Contact Me (Click Here)
…to learn about the advantages of buying a Vitamix (New or Reconditioned) through me!

If you have a reconditioned Vitamix, please share your experience in the comments below!  If you are “shopping”, please be sure to read the comments below to see what satisfied owners of reconditioned Vitamix machines have to say about them…
By Lea Ann Savage – Copyright 2015

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  • 40 Responses to "Why I Recommend Reconditioned Vitamix Machines"
    1. Donna says:

      I had to send the reconditioned 5200 model that my husband got me back to the company. The switch would not turn on the machine. That was fixed and the machine was returned to me promptly. It was still under warranty.

      • blenderlady says:

        I’ve sent machines in for repair twice. One was reconditioned, one was new. Vitamix paid for shipping both ways, and both came back repaired within 1.5 weeks! It is the security of the warranty that makes me confident to recommend reconditioned models!

    2. Natalie says:

      Hi Blender Lady!

      I just love your blog and all the great tips. I’ve had my VM TNC since 1994, though I don’t use it as often as I should, I’m getting back into eating a lot healthier. A Vitamix + a Pressure Cooker (I have the InstantPot) are a great combo! Over the last decade I upgraded my VM pad, the 64oz container & also purchased the 32oz wet and dry containers when they were on special. My TNC base has turned a bit yellow from age — curious if there’s anything cosmetic I can do about that?

      I have a great warranty tip for you and your subscribers: major credit card companies (like Discover, and Visa) offer a FREE “extended” warranty on items purchased that will double the length of the original manufacturer’s warranty *up to 1 year.* Check the benefits and terms that come with your credit card, keep all receipts, and keep a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty with all receipts. With a Vitamix 7 yr warranty, if that VM is purchased using a major credit card with that benefit, the customer will have an extra year of warranty coverage (paid for by the credit card company), so that’s 8 years. No need to purchase a full VM extended warranty. I used this free benefit when I needed a repairman to look at my dishwasher, which was 2 months past the original 1 yr manufacturer’s warranty. That visit was free because of my extended warranty through the cc company.

    3. Delores says:

      I wish I had known about this! My 8 year old Vitamix passed away this month, in search of a new I couldn’t help but trip over the prices. I ended by chance finding an unused one on Craigslist at a decent price. I will be sure to mention the reconditioned Vitamix machines when bragging about them to a friend.

    4. Laura Mason says:

      Got my 7500 about two months ago after doing a bit of web research. It looks new in all aspects but if you turn the base upside down there is a label certified reconditioned. I believe the getting started guide is also labeled as reconditioned. I then discovered Lea Ann website and blog and have since ordered a 32 oz container from her. Buying reconditioned saved me the money to get the extra container. If you are reading this are considering purchase I highly recommend reading Lea Ann’s blog – best and most accurate information out there.

    5. Kelly says:

      I bought a reconditioned 6300 a little over a year ago (direct from Vitamix, before I discovered Lea Ann’s site). I use it at least once a day, and have zero regrets with purchasing a reconditioned model. There are very few things you can buy NEW and get a 5-year warranty! I agree with Lea Ann when it comes to the extended warranty- don’t bother. I know folks with 20+ year old Vitamixes that are still going strong. Highly recommend Vitamix in general and reconditioned ones in particular!

    6. Cheryl says:

      I bought a reconditioned 7500 and then sold my 5200. I wanted the new, 4″ container and had to upgrade to get it. Buying reconditioned made the upgrade affordable. I have no regrets! I see no advantage to paying more for new when these machines are practically new and totally serviced. All materials are new, too. I have a five year warranty instead of a seven year warranty, but I probably will upgrade again in five years. (I usually do. The 7500 is my fifth Vitamix purchase in 20 years, and every single one of the older models is still working fine.)

    7. Marva says:

      I love my reconditioned machine! Looks like new, runs beautifully and I can’t imagine a new one being any better or different. (Except the price!)

    8. V Pearson says:

      I purchased a recon 5200 a month ago based on advice from the awesome Lea Ann and have absolutely no regrets! I used the extra money I saved to purchase a 32oz container and the spatulas which was a great decision! You wouldn’t know it’s a recon as it looks brand new and works perfectly. It’s an amazing machine and it has changed our lives for the better! So don’t think twice about it and just pull the trigger…you won’t regret it!

    9. BroJames says:

      My first exposure to a VitaMix was about 65 years ago at the State Fair of Texas. I was amazed as the demonstrator made juice, ice cream and soup all in the same machine. Thought then, some day I’ll own one of those. But it was a long time later before I purchased one. I don’t remember the model number, it was stainless steel with a spout on the front (loved making ice cream and filling cones from the spout).
      That stainless steel model was a Reconditioned machine. I used it for many years before giving it to my sister-in-law and purchasing a 5000, also reconditioned. I’m still using the 5000 and have been for almost 10 years. It had a 7 year warranty just like a new machine.
      Recently I purchased 2 Reconditioned 5200’s through Lea Ann for my daughter and granddaughter, both with 7 year warranties. They are really enjoying them.
      It’s amazing that VitaMix will sell their reconditioned machines with a full warranty and VitaMix is the BEST at taking care of their customers. They make no difference between those who purchase NEW or Reconditioned, they just live up to a great name for Customer Service.
      Thanks Lea Ann for all you do for those who have come to know you through the Enthusiast Group.

    10. Cindy Pitts says:

      I have been very happy with my reconditioned Vitamix, purchased through LeaAnn about a year ago. I’m not one much for writing reviews/posts, but I did want to let others know that reconditioned is the way to go. 🙂

    11. Jenn says:

      I purchased a refurbished vitamix over 3 weeks ago directly from vitamix. It looks brand new. It came packaged in a new box with a never used container and tamper. The best part is the 5 year warranty! No worries! I have used it every day, except once when I was out of town. I found Lea Ann through a Facebook group and have already purchased an additional smaller container,
      tamper holder, and spatulas. I was surprised to see how much I could have saved purchasing my vitamix through her! Refurbished is the way to go…save that extra cash on more vitamix goodies!

    12. KathyD says:

      I bought a reconditioned 5200 from Lea Ann as a gift for a friend. It arrived looking like a brand new machine. If I hadn’t told her it was a reconditioned machine she would never have know. It’s a beautiful machine and definitely a workhorse. It’s been going for a year now with no signs of stopping. I would buy another reconditioned machine in a heart beat.

    13. Marty says:

      i bought a reconditioned 7500 and I would never understand why anyone would spend the money buying new. There is no way to tell it isn’t new and the warranty is still so good it is worth every penny. I did buy the extra warranty but VM is sooooo good with customer service I’m not sure you would even have to spend the money. I’m a VERY satisfied recon customer.

    14. Anthony Pavlick says:

      I talked to Lea Ann about 1 year ago was having problems deciding. Lea Ann advised me on my options and I decided on a reconditioned 7500 model. I took my savings and purchased a 32 ounce container and a set of spatulas like she advised. IF you save the money you will not be disappointed with purchasing the smaller container or pocketing the cash.

    15. Jennifer Acunto (Jay La) says:

      I purchased a reconditioned 5200 a few years ago. Use it at least once a day and have never had any problems!

    16. Sue Brower says:

      We bought our reconditioned unit from Leanne almost 3 years ago & haven’t had any problems with it. It arrived looking and working like a brand new machine, came with both the dry and wet container (our choice) a manual and Vitamix recipe book. We started out using it several times a day to make healthy “shakes”, and icy treats for our family. We use it to mill whole grains for making healthy flour, bread crumbs, mixing dough plus mixing up our veggie experiments. We were able to buy it on installments to make it possible for us to invest in our family’s health. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a reconditioned unit again (if I ever had to replace ours), and my husband often reminds me that was one of our wisest purchases. Thanks Leanne for being a health advocate first and helping us with the help of the Vitamix!

    17. Diann says:

      We bought a reconditioned 6300 and love it!! Wish I would have gotten it through Lee Ann but with the warranty and brand-new container, you cannot go wrong!! Buy a reconditioned Vitamix and enjoy!!?

    18. Mihir G says:

      I agree with the assessment. I bought a refurbished 5200 from LeaAnn last year. When the unit arrived, it was practically brand new – I could not tell it was refurbished at all. The container is brand new, and the base is throughly cleaned and tested. The unit also comes with a full 5 year warranty. Additionally, since I bought the unit using my American Express, Amex tacks on an additional 1 year extended warranty for free (search for Amex extended warranty in Google).. so with 6 years warranty, if something were to happen to this unit, I could get it repaired or replaced by Vitamix.

      It has been about a year since I bought the 5200, and we use it at least once every day. The unit is going strong, and we thank LeaAnn for the recommendation to go with refurbished and saving us $$ on a like-new refurb vitamix.

    19. Ivy says:

      I bought a reconditioned 7500 directly from Vitamix and it was indistinguishable from new. It’s a lovely machine that we use daily.

    20. Carolyn Chesta says:

      I bought my reconditioned 5200 a few years ago and I could not tell if they actually sent me a reconditioned or a brand new Vitamix. I use it daily and have never had any problems.

    21. Terah says:

      First off, I LOVE my Vitamix!!! ALMOST as much as I love Lea Ann, that is. I Had joined the group on FB because I knew I would soon be purchasing. How many times do we have an opportunity to have our own
      personal shopper?! I explained

      to Lea Ann what my goals were for myself (I am a chef) and that I would also be purchasing two additional Vitamix’s for my
      married children for Christmas.
      I bought a recon 7500 for myself and 2×5200 for the kids. Next up, a 5200 for my parents!!!! ( so they can kick that bullet to the curb!!)
      Re-Con all the way as I have total confidence in the product and my warranty

    22. Christine says:

      I bought a reconditioned 7500 Vitamix about a year ago. It came just like a new Vitamix would, you couldn’t tell at all and it works great!!!

    23. Pam Reading says:

      I was all set to buy a new Vitamix when I met Lea Ann on line. She was great. The machine is virtually new. They saw they are machines that have been used as demos or store return. All reconditioned Vitamix’s have been vetted by Vitamix before they will re-sell them. They are packaged as new. You get a 5 year warranty instead of the normal 7. The price – woo hoo – much cheaper. Lea Ann has years of experience and give you good information on what to buy and what you might not need. Plus – she is always available to answer questions.

    24. Liz Hyrkas says:

      I love my reconditioned (6300) Vitamix! When I first used it, I could smell the oil that they used to make sure it was “good as new” and felt reassured that they paid attention to detail (after a couple uses, the smell went away). The outer casing, container, box, book, etc, are all new parts. You could not tell that this machine was reconditioned. I tell everyone I know to consider buying a reconditioned model. I certainly will go that route again if I ever buy one as a gift. I love my reconditioned Vitamix!

    25. Alease says:

      I purchased a 7500 reconditioned Vitamix from the VITAMIX company about a year ago and have not regretted it. It arrived nice and shiney just like it was new, I think the container was new. I’ve not had any problems with it. At the time I ordered it, there were about 4 colors to choose from and it came with a 5 year warranty. I think I may have saved about $75-$100. Best decision I could have ever made.

    26. Carolyn says:

      I bought a 5200 reconditioned from the Vitamix website last year, and then found Lea Anne’s website and FB page. I couldn’t afford the more expensive models and it was my first one so was unsure exactly how much use it would get. We use it several times a day. My teens are hooked on smoothies (they don’t yet know how to make the sugary frappucino’s and I’m not telling them). I am very happy with the machine, it does so much (nut butters, soups, flours, batters, breads, dressings, smoothies, etc). I was thrilled with the 5 year warranty it came with, and when I did have to use customer service they were pleasant and helpful and kindly sent me a brand new container ($120 value) free of charge. AND it was do to user error!! Highly recommend a reconditioned one and very happy with my purchase. A good idea is to join the FB page to see how others use their machines, glean recipes, etc. and then make a decision if you are still undecided. I would absolutely purchase my next VM (for my daughter when she moves out) from Lea Ann, her support and advice has been spot on and first class.

    27. Leticia Journee says:

      I already owned my Vitamix for almost 4 years that I purchased elsewhere before knowing Lea Ann. Two family members where interested in purchasing one and I directed them to Lea Ann. They both purchased reconditioned 5200 and are very pleased with them. They came looking brand new with a new container and tamper plus warranty. They have had no problems at all and are very happy with their purchases. I highly recommend purchasing reconditioned through Lea Ann.

    28. Jodi says:

      I bought a reconditioned Vitamix about 8-9 years ago and it’s still going strong!

    29. Allysen says:

      I did a LOT of research on Lea Ann’s website before I decided to go with the reconditioned 6300. The price was right for me and all of the comments seemed like I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. They were right! I’m pretty sure mine was brand new! Or, at least that’s how i felt when I opened it. I have made smoothies, soups, nut milks, almond butter, nutella, and hummus. No issues what-so-ever! My friend was so impressed with the value that I helped him get the 5200 through the BlenderLady’s website for his raw food diet. His, also, seemed like brand new! If you are considering buying a Vitamix, you really should consider the reconditioned models. You really wont know the difference, except for the price!

    30. Tracy Loveless says:

      I bought a reconditioned 5200 directly from Vitamix (through their website) about 6 months ago (before discovering Lee Ann and her awesome site!). They were very helpful over the phone in answering my questions. It arrived quickly and looked brand new. I use it at least twice a day and it works like a dream…I don’t know how I ever lived without one! I see no reason to buy a new Vitamix at a much higher price…I’ve had no problems with it so have never needed to make a claim with them. But it seems their warranty covers everything one would ever need (same warranty as they give with new machines). I got mine on a special for $299 including shipping–it sounds like a lot still for people who haven’t lived with a Vitamix, but once you have one you will understand how valuable they are, and Lee Ann is the best resource for learning what to do with it!

    31. Rachel Gladow says:

      I highly recommend the purchase of a reconditioned Vitamix. I purchased a reconditioned 5200 from Lea Ann this past September and my only regret is that I did not purchase one sooner. My Vitamix base looks and performs like a new blender. My container was brand new. I use it daily. I have never had to worry about breaking it like I have other blenders. I have never had any problems with the machine. This machine was built to last. The reconditioned machines still have the awesome warranty that the Vitamix Corporation is known for. I have the peace of mind that the warranty and the company will take care of me, if I need it.

    32. cheri Manus says:

      I love reconditioned vitamixes. I first bought one for my mom for Mother’s Day she had always wanted one but wouldn’t spend the money. After seeing what all it could do I bought one for myself a reconditioned vitamix the following year and couldn’t be happier saving money and having a Vitamix!

    33. anne larson says:

      I have a reconditioned 7500 and bought my son a reconditioned 5200. I also have several friends who have bought reconditioned machines as well on my recommendation. Every single one looks and performs like brand new and of course, all were bought from Lea Ann and backed by the amazing Vitamix customer support. At first I was quite hesitant to buy reconditioned, but after several years of working with her, I had complete trust that Lea Ann would always suggest the machine that was perfectly suited to my needs. She truly cares about her customers and is there before, during and after the purchase! Why spend extra money if you don’t need to? I promise you will not be disappointed if you buy a reconditioned VM from Lea Ann.

    34. Eileen Carr says:

      My reconditioned Vitamix 5200 was purchased about 5 years ago from the Vitamix Website… which was before I knew you, Lea Ann. It has been great, I couldn’t be happier with it. I would recommend getting a reconditioned one to anyone, in fact I have, several times!

    35. Caryl Goodman says:

      I purchased a reconditioned 7500 over a year and a half ago. Use it daily. Could not be more happy with my decision. And of course Lea Ann is AMAZING! Always there to help. Love VM.

    36. Judith Tracy says:

      I was ready to buy 7500 and Lea Ann talked to me and said she thought I would be happy with a reconditioned 5200.She was totally right, saved me enough money to also buy the 32 oz wet. I received the machine and it is GREAT! You would never believe it is a recon, has new 64 oz container, tamper was new and looked just like the one my husband and step daughter had purchased ,Turbo two speed, but gives me all the variety to do things with the variable. I have since purchased the dry container. My machine shines like a new dollar and if this is reconditioned, I will take it every time. It purrs, sorta, but the full warranty of five years gives me comfort knowing Vitamix stands behind ALL the machines. If you are debating and price is a concern, go recondtioned, you will not regret it and Lea Ann is always there to help you out. I love my machine!

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