Vitamix Containers Explained

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Learn about the different kinds of Vitamix Containers for Vitamix Legacy models, how they work, what Vitamix recipes they are best for, and why you should consider getting a 32 oz. wet container if you don’t already have one!

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All Vitamix machines come packaged with a Wet Vitamix Container.

Wet Vitamix Containers make the machine work as a:
– Food Processor (dry-chop and wet-chop)
– Mixer (cake batter, pancake batter, brownie mix, quick bread batters, etc.)
– Blender
– Juicer
– Ice Cream Maker
– Heater (for things like Soup, Gravy, Queso Dip, Hot Fruit Syrups, Hot Chocolate, Fondue, etc.)
– Nut Butter Maker

With a Dry Container the Vitamix can:
– Grind Coffee Beans
– Mill Grains, Seeds, and Nuts into Flours
– Knead Bread Dough
– Dry Chop Veggies (can also be done in wet, but not as well)
– Crumble Chocolate and Dry Cheeses (can also be done in wet, but not as well)
– Rough Chop Grains, Seeds, and Nuts

We have only one Dry Container:
– 32 oz. narrow bottom with 3″ dry blade (fits Standard or Next Generation models)

We have 4 kinds of Wet Vitamix Containers:
– 64 oz. narrow bottom with 3″ wet blade – tall (fits Standard or Next Generation models)
– 48 oz. narrow bottom with 3″ wet blade – low profile* (fits Standard or Next Generation models)
– 32 oz. narrow bottom with 3″ wet blade – low profile* (fits Standard or Next Generation models)
– 64 oz. wide bottom with 4″ wet blade – low profile* (fits ONLY the Next Generation models)

*low profile = fits under cabinets with 17.5″ clearance

Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter:
In April 2017 Vitamix introduced the Personal Cup Adapter that works on all Vitamix Legacy models! Click HERE if you want to learn what a Vitamix Legacy model is in detail, but in short, it is any model from the 5000 up that is not an S-Series or an Ascent Series. Click HERE for more information on the Personal Cup Adapter, or Contact Me HERE to get my pricing, and find out what “freebies” you get if you order the Adapter from Vitamix “through” me.

➔ ALL of the containers listed above will fit on “Next Generation” machines.  ONLY the dry container, and the 3 narrow bottomed wet containers will work on the “Standard” models (check to see which models are “Standard” and which are “Next Generation”)  The long blades of the Low Profile container require the extra .2HP, and if you used a Low Profile container which is designed for a 2.2HP motor on a 2HP motor, you would wear out the 2HP motor, and void your warranty.

➔ The wide-bottomed, Low Profile 64 oz. wet container is only sold with a “Next Generation” Vitamix motor base that has a 2.2 HP motor. See which models are “Next Generation” on my chart here: The wide-bottomed, Low Profile container is the best container for food processing / chopping because there is so much room for the food to circulate around the longer blades. You can dry-chop 3 cups of food at one time in a wide-bottomed, Low Profile container.  You can still use a narrow-bottomed Vitamix container for food processing (dry chopping), it just requires multiple, smaller batches.  Only do 1 cup to 1.5 cups maximum if you are dry-chopping in a narrow bottomed, wet Vitamix container.

These are the Retail prices of additional Vitamix Containers:
$129 – 32 oz. Wet
$144 – 32 oz. Dry (includes cookbook)
$139 – 48 oz. Wet (includes mini tamper)
$149 – 64 oz. Wet “Classic”, tall, with narrow bottom
$159 – 64 oz. Wet “Low Profile” with wide bottom

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Wet vs. Dry Vitamix Containers:

The Wet Blades blend things TOGETHER, the dry blades blast things apart, so the Wet Blade is the best for getting it as smooth and as blended as possible. The Dry Blade is for milling hard grains and beans into flour and grinding coffee beans.

The Dry Blades blow things up high and this allows the heavier pieces that have not yet been “smashed” to fall down to be hit by the blades again – and it blows the smaller pieces up so they remain on top and stay cool. The Dry Blades keep things from packing into the corners.

The Wet Blades suck things down, increasing the heat, friction, and blending / homogenizing of the food.

If you put nuts in a Wet Container you get nut butter. If you put nuts in a Dry Container you get nut flour.

It is “possible” to process dry ingredients in the Wet Container, but: 1) it will scratch the plastic of your wet container, and once it is really scratched up, you will have a much harder time getting smells like garlic out of your container because micro pieces of garlic might be clinging to the roughed up surface, and 2) the wet blade will suck the flours down toward the bottom of the container instead of blowing them up towards the top. This causes: 1) the flour to get hotter (destroys more nutrients in the flour), and 2) the flour will pack into the corners (not such a terrible problem really, but not ideal).

It is “possible” to process wet ingredients in a Dry Container, but you won’t get the same smooth results as if you used the Wet Container.  If you use a Dry Container, smoothies turn out more like “chunkies” with bits of unblended fruits and veggies.

The Dry Container is the ideal container for grinding coffee, making flours, and for blowing things up and away from the corners.  It leaves texture in the final product.  It is also the best container for dry chopping veggies (if you don’t have a wide bottomed wet) because it blows things up and away from the bottom so you don’t have food packing into the corners. The dry container is the appropriate container for making nut flours.

The Wet Container is the ideal container for getting things as smooth, homogenized, creamy, and blended together as possible. Contrary to the advice you can find in some places online, the wet container is the appropriate container for making nut butters.

wet and dry blades used on Vitamix Containers

Why you Need a Narrow Bottomed Wet container to go with a Next Generation model

If you have the wide-bottomed, Low Profile Container that comes with a Next Generation* model, in my opinion, it is Necessary to get a narrow bottomed container to go with it because there are things you cannot do with a wide bottomed container such as blend anything less than 2 cups.  The narrow bottomed container can process small batches such as: 1-cup recipes like Pesto, Salad Dressings, Mayonnaise, and Marinades.  It can lightly scramble 2 eggs before frying.  (If you put 2 eggs in a Next Generation container they would not blend).  The 32 oz. wet holds 4 cups, and is a “travel”, “personal” sized container.  If you need to blend more than 4 cups you always have your wide bottomed, Low Profile container available, and it does just fine blending things above the 2-cup line.

Watch This Video for more information on the “Next Generation Container Benefits and Limitations”.

*Visit to see which models are “Standard”, and which are “Next Generation”.

Wide Bottom vs. Narrow Bottom pros:cons

dry chopping in narrow bottomed vitamix containers

Requires multiple, smaller batches, but it can be done. Don’t chop more than 1.5 cups at a time. If things aren’t chopping well, try chopping only one cup at a time..


Vitamix Low Profile Container Benefits and Limitations

Click on this picture to see a YouTube video describing the Benefits and Limitations of the Vitamix Low Profile Container.

Why it is nice to have a Low Profile (32 or 48 oz) Wet Vitamix Container to go with a Standard model

If you buy a Standard* model that comes with a tall, narrow bottomed wet containers, you can make 1-cup recipes, but adding a low profile container is nice for different reasons:
1) It is so nice to have a container that fits under the cabinets that is lightweight, and easy to clean.
2) Because there is less distance from the top of the container to the blades, it is easier to get things like peanut butter and hummus out from under the blades.
3) If you have an extra container, you can also multi-task by doing things like making pancake batter in one, and a hot fruit syrup in the other, or making chicken salad in one, and mayonnaise in the other.

*Visit to see which models are “Standard”, and which are “Next Generation”.

Why the 32 oz. Wet Vitamix Container is my favorite

No Vitamix model comes with a 32 oz. Wet Container, so if you have a 32 oz. Wet Container, you also have a larger container to process big batches.  The 32 oz Wet Container is great for processing smaller batches.  It fits under most cabinets.  It is the lightest and smallest container.  It turns a full sized Vitamix into a “personal, travel sized Vitamix”.

When you make thick recipes like hummus, ice cream, nut butters, and thick batters (like for brownies), you have to have enough volume of ingredients to prevent the repeated formation of an air bubble.  In a 48 oz. or 64 oz. narrow bottomed wet container it takes right around the 4 cup line for the recipe to blend under ideal conditions (less formation of air bubbles).  In a wide bottomed 64 oz Wet Container (that comes with Next Generation machines) thick recipes need to be made in Very Big batches (nearer to the 4.5 or 5 cup line).

Because the 32 oz. Wet Vitamix Container has a smaller lid (it is narrower at the top) a more compact column of food is formed above the blades, and this helps prevent the repeated formation of air pockets.  This means that you can now make thick recipes (like hummus, ice cream, nut butters, and thick batters – like for brownies), in smaller batches.  In a 32 oz. wet container thick recipes can be processed around the 3 cup mark and sometimes ice cream can be made in a 2.5 cup batch!

And finally, it is nice to have an extra Wet Container so you can do things make hot fruit syrup in one, while making a pancake batter in the other, or chopping veggies in one (for a salad) while making a salad dressing in the other!

If you don’t already have one, I am confident that you would be very happy with a 32 oz. Wet Container to improve your Vitamix food preparation experience!

CONTACT ME HERE for My PRICING on Vitamix Containers
(and to find out what Free Gift you get when you order a Container from me)!

CONTACT ME HERE for My PRICING on Vitamix Containers
(and to find out what Free Gift you get when you order a Container from me)!


32 oz. Dry Vitamix Container – Features:
– 3″ dry blade – narrow bottom
grinds coffee
– turns nuts, grains, seeds into flours
fits Standard and Next Generation models*
– low profile – fits under cabinets with 17.5″ clearance
– comes with the Whole Grains Cookbook
– does not need a tamper
– base fits inside the four prongs of the centering pad
– works better as a dry chopper than other narrow bottom wet containers
– can dry chop between 1.5-2 cups of food at one time
– blows things up and away from the bottom
– 4 cup capacity
– narrow top – small, grey lid

32 oz. Wet Vitamix Container – Features:
– 3″ wet blade – narrow bottom
fits Standard and Next Generation models*
– low profile – fits under cabinets with 17.5″ clearance
– base fits inside the four prongs of the centering pad
– smallest wet container – travel and personal size – 4 cup capacity
– lightest weight
– easy to clean
– makes smaller batches of thick things like nut butters, hummus, and ice cream
– can only dry chop 1-1.5 cups of food at one time
– narrow top – small, grey lid

48 oz. Wet Vitamix Container – Features:
3″ wet blade – narrow bottom
– fits Standard and Next Generation models*
– low profile – fits under cabinets with 17.5″ clearance
– base fits over the four prongs of the centering pad
– easy to clean
– medium sized wet container – 6 cup capacity
– can only dry chop 1-1.5 cups of food at one time
– wide top – full sized, grey lid

64 oz. Tall Wet Vitamix Container – Features:
– 3″ wet blade – narrow bottom
– fits Standard and Next Generation models*
– does not fit under cabinets while on motor base
– base fits over the four prongs of the centering pad
– large sized wet container – 8 cup capacity
– distance from top to bottom make it harder to get food out
– can only dry chop 1-1.5 cups of food at one time
– wide top – full sized, black lid

64 oz. Low Profile Wet Vitamix Container – Features:
– 4″ wet blade – wide bottom
fits ONLY Next Generation models*
– low profile – fits under cabinets with 17.5″ clearance
– can dry chop 3 cups of food at one time
– base fits over the four prongs of the centering pad
– large sized wet container – 8 cup capacity
– easy to reach the bottom and blades to clean
– blending pattern splashes more than the narrow bottomed containers
– requires more ingredients/bigger batches to make thick things like nut butters, hummus, and ice cream

*Visit to see which models are “Standard”, and which are “Next Generation”.


CONTACT ME HERE for My PRICING on Vitamix Containers
(and to find out what Free Gift you get when you order a Container from me)!

Do you have any questions about Vitamix Containers?  Ask them in the comments below.

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  • 72 Responses to "Vitamix Containers Explained"
    1. Donna says:

      What is the minimum number of cups and the maximum number of cups needed in the 32 oz wet container and in the low wide 64 oz wet container ?

      • blenderlady says:

        Hi! I would save the minimum in all containers is dependent on what your blending, but typically it’s at least 8 ounces. And the low profile 64 oz container (since it’s wider) would take a couple more ounces for minimum mounts. The max amount is simply the name of the container. So if it’s a 32 oz container, then 32 oz is the max.

    2. Lawrence says:

      I broke my 48oz container plug, I can’t seem to find a plug (or lid + plug) anywhere online, can you please advise.


    3. Kim DiRaffaele says:

      Hi! I I have a 64oz wet container and have a hard time removing alll the food that gets stuck on the bottom! I don’t want to waiste it. Any suggestions?

      • blenderlady says:

        SURE! Make a “clean out the container smoothie”! 😀 For example, if you made peanut butter, make a smoothie that uses peanut butter in it. If you made hummus, follow that up with a green V8 juice.

    4. Vrinda says:

      I was comparing the 64oz containers on the 5200 and 7500 and noticed that the 64oz tall container that comes with 5200 doesn’t say it is BPA free but the 64oz wide container on the 7500 is BPA free. Is this a new feature on the Vitamix containers?

      • blenderlady says:

        Vitamix has identifying information on containers – I recommend that you contact Vitamix Customer service and they can tell you if they’ve made changes, and confirm that your 5200 container is BPA-free.

    5. Jason says:

      I have a an old 3600 plus and actually have the original manual containing the recipe for “Elephant Stew,” which I have yet to try. You know how hard kt is to find a stray elephant these days. On a more serious note, I would like to know if the newer jars will fit old bases. I primarily make fruit smoothies,but don’t like the configuration of the old metal jar with the action dome and spigot. A real pain to clean, between overflow and disassembling the spigot. Would one of the larger wet jars work for me?

      • blenderlady says:

        Hello Jason! LOL about the scarcity of stray elephants! 😉 Unfortunately the new containers are not compatible with your motor base. Did you know your machine qualifies for a $100 credit if you buy a new Vitamix? Visit Vitamix Buyer’s Guide 🙂 page to connect with me if you would like to see my pricing on a new machine (so you can use the new containers)! 🙂

    6. Kathy says:

      Hi, I own a Super 5000 that came with the 64 oz dry and 64oz wet containers.
      I would like to buy a 32 oz wet container but am not certain if a ‘newer model’ 32oz container would fit my (very) old Vitmax. Can you advise me on that?
      Thank you,

    7. Yeny Cortes says:

      Great article! I just have a question regarding the lids of the two containers (32oz dry and wet), are those two lids the same or different?

    8. Teri says:

      Hi! I just ordered the 750 on Amazon and it comes with the 32oz dry. I also ordered the 48oz wet. After reading this I’m wondering if I should return the 48oz and purchase the 32oz? Would it be beneficial as well to get the standard 64oz container. We are a family of 4 and will be making things for 4-6 on a regular basis. I ordered the 750 cause I wanted the low profile to fit under the cabinet now I’m rethinking if I ordered the right machine?

      • Blender Lady says:

        Hello Teri,

        The wide bottomed container that came with your Pro 750 is great at dry chopping large batches of veggies. You can dry chop in a narrow bottomed, wet container also, but are limited to only 1 cup at at time. With what you have, you get the best of both worlds because the wide bottomed will work as a food processor (to chop) with a bigger capacity than a narrow bottomed, wet container, and your 48 oz. container will do the smaller batches (it can blend 1 cup batches). I personally am partial to the 32 oz. because I like really small when I want small, and big when I want big. If you exceed the 32 oz. capacity, you are at 4 cups, and the low profile container blends fine between 4-8 cups. I think you have a great machine, and with the purchase of the 48 oz container, you’ve solved the problem of not being able to easily blend the smaller batches! Feel free to Email me at if you have any questions about container pricing or want to order another container! 🙂

    9. AC says:

      Quick question: can the low-profile tamper that comes with the new generation low-profile 64 oz containers be used with the 32 oz wet container, or is a smaller tamper required? Thanks.

      • Blender Lady says:

        The 32 oz. wet container requires a different tamper than the one that comes with the low profile container. The low profile tamper is too big to fit through the hole in the lid of the 32 oz wet container.

    10. Sean says:

      This was asked already but I didn’t see the answer- are the 32oz wet and dry containers completely the same besides the blade? Seems silly to buy a 32oz wet container when one already has a 32oz dry container and and a wet blade from the tall 64oz.

      • Blender Lady says:

        Hello Sean! They are identical except for the blade. The blades are not to be removed and re-inserted into the containers though, the blade assembly is tightened to factory specifications that home owners could not calibrate. This is why Vitamix sells the blades attached to the containers – I hope this helps!

    11. Terry says:

      I’m curious if you know why Vitamix doesn’t offer a consumer container with their ice blade? I used to work in a restaurant and we had a Vita-Prep with the wet blade for chopping/mixing, but all of your frozen cocktails and drinks used a BarBoss with the ice blade.

      It’s not something I ever had the opportunity to compare between the two, but I would assume the ice blade must have some kind of advantage or else they wouldn’t bother making a separate blade. Maybe it chops through frozen ingredients finer or faster than the wet blade?

      • Blender Lady says:

        To get a definitive answer on this, you would have to contact Vitamix Customer Service – this is a commercial blade. In commercial environments where an ice blade is used, they usually only make one kind of drink. I believe that the ice blade is good at crushing ice, but not in making smooth drinks, because many people like the “slushy” ice/water combination.

        The residential containers are for varying food prep techniques (like chopping, heating, mixing, blending, etc.) They designed the residential blade to serve these purposes.

    12. Richard says:

      Hi. Blender Lady. I have the 7500 with low profile 64oz jar. It also came with a 32 oz dry jar. Because I have had some issues I’ve been offered an additional jar of my choice. Reading that the new wider jar is not the best at smaller blends I decided I would get the 32 oz. The Vitamix rep recommend the 48 oz because it fit the base better. Is there a big difference between the 48 oz and 32 oz. Should I follow the reps advice? Thanks

      • Blender Lady says:

        Hello Richard!

        Between the 32 oz. and the 48 oz. wet containers, I PREFER the 32 oz. because it is so light weight, nimble, and easy to clean. It is a “personal” and “travel size” container. I use my 32 oz. container 80% of the time! That way you have your big container when you need big, and a nice, small container when you need small.

        I have a 7500 model, and use the 32 oz. wet container on it 80% of the time!

        The 32 oz. container fits inside of the centering prongs, while the 48 oz. fits over them – some people perceive the container to be unstable for this reason. I’ve never had any problems with mine. Either size will work for your needs (to have a container that does smaller batches).

        I hope this helps!

        • Richard says:

          Thanks for getting reply. I think I’m leaning towards the 48 if there is not much of a difference in making small batches. Don’t need the container to be portable although I guess it saves you space. My primary concern was performance on the smaller blends. If there is no difference in that what other reason to get the 32 oz for me. Thanks again.

          • Blender Lady says:

            I like that the 32 oz is light weight. When I need more than the 4 cup capacity of the 32 oz. container, my large container does great! But many people like their 48 oz. container because it has a 6 cup capacity, and they don’t want to pull out the large container if they can avoid it. Personal preference. Both do small batches. The 32 oz (because it has a smaller top circumference) allows you to make the smallest batches of ice creams and nut butters. The 48 oz. has a narrow bottom but a full-sized lid (wider top) than the 32 oz.

            • vicky says:

              so if i get a model with 48oz container for small family,will or wont need to buy the 32oz?i want to make small portions of juice and smoothies like 2-3cups…is the 48oz good?also i see on youtube the 48pz conteiner moves alot,its like its not steady enough….will it be a problem?what do u think?or i should get a model with low profile64oz but its for big batches….and the 32oz?

              • Blender Lady says:

                The 32 oz and the 48 oz both have 3″ blades and the same dimensions at the bottom of the container. The 48 oz comes with a lid that has a bigger circumference, so it is wider at the top. The narrower circumference at the top of the 32 oz. container allows for the formation of a higher column of food above the blades. This helps reduce the formation of air bubbles, which allows you to make smaller batches of thick recipes like hummus, ice cream, and nut butters.

                I prefer the 32 oz. because it is so light weight, nimble, and easy to clean. It is a “personal” and “travel size” container. I use my 32 oz. container on my 7500 model 80% of the time! The 32 oz. container has a 4 cup capacity. If you are making something more than 4 cups, your big container will blend just fine. If you do the 32 oz. / 64 oz. combination, you have your big container when you need to make larger batches, and a nice, small container for everything else!

                I would get a 48 oz. container if your goal is to make as much as possible without ever having to pull out the 64 oz. container.

    13. Lucille Penner says:

      I have Vitamix model #0178. I find it very hard to unscrew the bottom of the container after I use it. I would appreciate a suggestion.

      • Blender Lady says:

        Hello Lucille!

        The bottom of the container is not supposed to be removed. Please review your owner’s manual and the DVD that came with your machine for cleaning information.

        If you have any questions about how to use your machine – always feel free to contact Vitamix Customer Service:  800-848-2649

        To navigate their phone message system: 

        – When they say, “If you know your party’s 4-digit extension, please dial it now” – DO NOTHING.  
        – After they say, “If you want to dial by name, please press 1” – DO NOTHING.
        – Then they will say, “Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed, for Household Product Sales and Customer Service, please press 1 – PRESS 1.

        Then you can choose from these options:
        1 – if you have No internet access, and you want to Register your Machine
        2 – to check on the Status Of your Order
        3 – Sales (to buy a Vitamix or ask pre-purchase questions)
        4 – Repairs and Warranty issues
        5 – questions about Recipes
        6 – General Vitamix Questions

    14. Ciria says:

      Hello, I have a 5200 vitamix with 64 oz wet container and a 32 oz dry container. I dont use the dry container at all. And I need a smaller wet container to keep on my counter. Will I be able to switch the 64 oz wet blades to the 32 oz dry container. That way I can use the container only and dont have to spend the cash on a new container with blades. Thank you

    15. polocanada says:

      Oh, are you working for Vita-mix?
      Such great info and well organized. You answered my question on Wet/Dry for Nut-butter container.
      Thank you.

    16. Robin says:

      love my 32 oz wet container!!

    17. Robin J says:

      The best investment was the 32oz container. I use that one almost 90% of the time.

    18. I have a 64 oz wet container. I was not aware of the differences. Good to know 🙂

    19. Julie says:

      I have a 64 oz wet container. Am I better off buying a dry or a 32 oz wet if I can only buy one more? Thank you!

      • Blender Lady says:

        Hello Julie, that is a tough question and more of a personal choice. What kind of 64 oz. container do you have? If it is a low profile, wide bottom container, then I HIGHLY recommend the 32 oz. wet because it will allow you to make smaller batches like mayonnaise, pesto, salad dressings, marinades, etc. It will also allow you to make smaller batches of things like hummus, ice cream, and nut butters. If you have a tall/narrow bottomed 64 oz. wet container, the dry container is a better food processor/chopper because it blows food up from the bottom of the container, and does not allow food to pack into the corners as much. In a narrow bottomed wet container, I only dry chop 1 cup at a time. If you have a dry container (narrow bottom) because it blows things up and away from the bottom of the container (and helps prevent foods from getting stuck in the corners) you can get away with dry chopping 1.5 cups – “possibly” even 2 cups…

        • Julie says:

          It’s a next generation low profile. I also have a food processor, mini food processor, immersion blender, and a magic bullet (yes, I like gadgets). Is it blasphemy to suggest that I might not need a second container? I use my Vitamix at least every other day for smoothies or creamy soups. Thanks!

          • Blender Lady says:

            Hello Julie, only you can know if you want to make smaller batches of things like nut butters, ice cream, hummus, etc. or if you want to make small batches like pesto, salad dressing, mayonnaise, etc. Your magic bullet might work for you to make the smaller recipes.

    20. Carolyn says:

      I bought the 32 oz. almost immediately when I started using my Pro 750. I live alone, and I like my smoothies best when fresh. The 32 oz. is the perfect size for things like grating cheese, too. I still use my 64 oz. but I use the 32 more. Now, I’m thinking I want the 32 oz. dry container.

    21. Stormy McDonald says:

      loved this explanation and all the comments. Have had my Vitamix a couple months with the 64 ounce container. Really like the idea of the 32 ounce wet container and wish we’d learned of it as part of an original package purchase. It seems a better size for many projects and better for our waistlines and purses.

      Love the smoothies and eager to do the all veggie smoothie as soon as I get peppers and celery.

    22. Dale Ohl says:

      Hi, I LOVE my 32 oz wet container SOOO much, I have two of them. Yep. Two of them, and it’s just me using them. Initially I had the standard Vitamix that came with the 64 oz tall container, and me at 5.5″ I couldn’t peer into the top of the container with the blender on my counter, so I bought the 32 oz. from Lea Ann. I found it’s just the right size to watch the processing from the top, it’s the right size for my smoothies, it’s the right size for almost everything I do. It’s easier to handle, to wash, and rarely do I need anything larger than the 32oz. You will not regret having one, and in fact you will wish you had purchased one sooner. Buying it through Lea Ann is the ONLY way to purchase, as you get a brand new container and tamper for a super duper price. Just ask her for the pricing.

    23. Marsha Maloney says:

      if you have a wide mouth container that came with your Vitamix you will need a 32 ounce narrow bottom one. It is perfect for getting the proper 4 mounds making delicious ice cream. It is also the perfect size for homemade sauces. The 64 ounce wide bottom could not make my sauces. It’s too large. Getting the 32 ounce container from Lea Ann was the best thing I did for my Vitamix experience. You will not regret buying one!!

    24. Lola ferguson says:

      I am single and use my 32 oz 90% of the time for ice cream, smoothies, chopping, nut butters etc. I have had my VM a month. I use the 64 oz for salads and soups, things that I plan to eat off of for several days.

    25. Karen DuCharme says:

      My Vitamix came w/the 32oz container and I was considering getting the 64 oz thinking it wasn’t going to big enough. Glad I didn’t. It’s the perfect size for us empty nesters, although I can see the larger size accommodating a larger family.

    26. LuAnn says:

      I got my Vitamix 5000 in March of 2001 for $399 after seeing a demo at the Wisconsin State Fair the previous summer. I heard there was a dry container, which I knew I’d never use, but had never heard of any other containers until I got on this FB page a few weeks ago. Now I’m intrigued by the idea of the 32 oz container because sometimes I think my container is just too big.

    27. Debbi S. says:

      We are both retired and the 32 oz wet container makes 2 perfect size smoothies! We love it!

    28. Lori says:

      I love to use my 32 oz container when making butter and when I make adult drinks In my 64 oz I can then make the child drinks in the 32 oz without emptying the larger!! Win win for everyone! It’s also great just to whip up single portions of anything since the larger one requires bigger amounts. I was skeptical when Lea ann recommended the 32 oz but she was right it is the perfect compliment to a great system!

    29. Janiece says:

      I have the 750 Pro vm and purchased the 32 oz wet container to go with it at Lea Ann’s advise. SOoooooo happy with my set up. The 32 oz is great for smaller batches and having the option is awesome!

    30. Kathy says:

      I have the 300 series low profile VitaMix. I tried making salad dressing in the 64oz container and it didn’t blend well because the bottom was too wide for the small volume. So, i bought the 32oz wet container and I’m very happy with both. The 32 oz is perfect for all smaller batches, and i love the 64 for large batches and wet chopping veggies. But why doesn’t VitaMix sell this as a package and save customers the hassle of figuring out they really need the small container anyway?

    31. Liz Hyrkas says:

      I love my 32 oz container because I can do smaller batches (like dressing). It also fits on my counter, under my cabinets. That makes it so handy. It also helps in portion control. I often “wing it” and would make too much smoothie. It can still make more than one serving but I’m not drinking it for a week. I find I use my Vitamix more because it’s handy and can make more things in it.

    32. Heather says:

      The 32 oz fits under my counter. My 64oz doesn’t, even though it’s the low profile. I didn’t know I couldn’t use the 64 oz container for smaller portions until I found this group. The first time I tried to make salad dressing in my 64 oz container I was not impressed. Thinking to myself, how could I spend all this money and it doesn’t work all that great. Once I got my 32 oz container I immediately noticed the difference when making smaller quantities. I don’t know why vitamix doesn’t offer a package with the 32 oz as the standard and the 64 as an option.

    33. Laura Perkins says:

      I waited a year before I got my 32 oz wet container. While I have a large family and use my 64 oz wet for many things, I love my 32 oz wet for several things. I always make thick things in the 32 oz wet (hummus, nut butters, ice cream/sorbet) as it is so much easier to scrape out. That is why I bought it. It is also nice if nobody is home and I want some portion control for other things. I’m so used to making smoothies for a multitude that I go overboard if it only for one or two people and the 32 oz helps me keep the amount under control 🙂

    34. textilerecycler says:

      My 32 oz is fairly recent purchase and SO glad that I got it! It’s the perfect size for what ever you want to make. I use it multiple times a day vs the every-so-often of the larger container. Emptying and clean up is a breeze too – no getting arms or sleeves covered with whatever you just made! And the handle is the perfect spot to store the Vitamix spatula (another must have). This is a two thumbs up investment. Get one!

    35. i own both the 5200 and the 6300. The 32 oz wet container fits both of these Vitamix. I wish I had gotten this little gem sooner than I did.
      So much easier to use and clean when using it for smaller portions or a single smoothie. I find that I use this size just as much as the larger size.
      A must have addition! You will not be sorry. And of course, Lea Ann has the best price and wonderful service. Buy from her!!

    36. Sally Adams says:

      I love the 32 ounce container. I think the 32 wet container should be sold with the machine instead of the 64 ounce. I use my 32 for everything.

    37. Elizabeth says:

      I almost wish my 6300 came with the 32 oz and the 64 was something you could buy. That’s how often I use my 32. 90% of the time. So much easier to manipulate. Especially for cleaning out peanut butter. And ordering thru the Blender Lady was a breeze

    38. michele says:

      I have a 5200 and love the 32 oz container. It’s much easier to clean under the blades when I make nut butter and it’s also easier to get everything out! I love that it sits under the counter. Leann’s pricing is great!

    39. Evelyn says:

      I love the 32 oz wet container and use it daily for my smoothie and smaller batches of recipes. It’s much easier to make smaller batches of hummus and pesto with the 32 oz container because it requires less use of the tamper if any at all. The food gets pushed down to the blades easily. It’s also easier to scoop out the recipes. The fact that the 32 oz container is shorter makes it easier for me to store on top of the counter below my cabinets for easy access and daily use.

    40. JayLa says:

      I love my 32 oz container to make smaller batches of everything! If I’m cooking like a mad woman then it’s handy to have both for different batches of food I don’t want mixed together. Also, my giant straw fits in the 32 oz without getting lost when I’m drinking my smoothie! Straight out of the container

    41. Patricia says:

      Love my 32 oz. container. When I make smoothies it’s always too much. This container will keep me in check! Also, consider this for peanut butter. Less space to have to reach thru to clean out the container. It’s a good thing….

    42. Ann says:

      I have the 7500 that comes with a low profile 64 oz. wet container. Taking Lea Ann’s always excellent advice, I ordered the 32 oz. wet container as well. Unless I’m having company, or need to make large amounts of something, I nearly always use the small container. It’s so handy for single serve smoothies and recipes that need smaller amounts such as nut butters, salad dressings, baby food, ice cream, hummus, salsa, mayo, etc. I debated long and hard over whether I’d get enough use to justify the 32 oz. dry container as well, but am a true Vitamix junkie so I decided to go for it and, while it’s my least used container, I’m very glad I have it as an option for making flours, powderizing dehydrated greens and spices and chopping and grinding.
      I estimate I use the small wet 75% of the time, the large wet 15% and the dry 10%. Getting the small wet is definitely the way to go, esp. If you have a next low profile large container. I promise you’ll be SO glad you got one!

    43. Robin DeMaio says:

      I use my 32 oz wet container 99.9% of the time! It’s lighter and easier to handle, and since it’s shorter it’s way easier to get stuff out, especially nut butter. I use my tall 64 oz container for soup and milk, but I keep that container in my pantry closet. The 32 oz cutie sits on my VM for everyday use. Love it! And you can’t beat the price offered by Lea Ann!

    44. Jenn says:

      My Vitamix came with a 64 ounce container. I decided I wanted two containers and purchased the 32 ounce wet container. It is a great addition! I use it most often for my family of four. It seems easier to clean because it isn’t so large and bulky. It fits nicely under my cabinet so I don’t have to pull the machine out to use it. It is lightweight and seems to take up less space. It is my go to container.

    45. Annette Taylor says:

      I have the VM0103 model Vitamix.
      I have a 32-oz. dry and 48-oz. wet.
      Would it be to my advantage to have a 32-oz. wet as well?
      Thank you. Enjoy your site very much.

      • Blender Lady says:

        Hello Annette, the 48 oz wet and the 32 oz wet both have narrow bottoms, and both fit under the cabinet. The only functional difference is that the 32 oz. wet has a narrower lid (top). I love the 32 oz. and 64 oz. combo. That way you have big when you need big, and small when you need small, but in your case, the medium and small are so similar, that I’d have a hard time advising you to get a 32 oz wet container. What do you think?

      • Debbie says:

        I have the 48 oz and think it is perfect. It has wider top than the 32 oz so it is easier to reach in and scoop food out. I think the tall 64 oz is awkward. Since there are only 2 in my household, the 48 is good for one or two servings. Just purchased the 32 oz dry will be here tomorrow.

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