Vitamix Wine Sorbet

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Vitamix wine sorbet. A delicious adult dessert that is easy to whip up in your Vitamix!

 1 cup of red wine  

1 cup of red wine. Any kind you like will do!

frozen strawberries Add Frozen Fruit (I used strawberries for this one).

  • In a 32 oz. wet container use about 2.5-3 cups of frozen fruit.
  • In a 48 oz or a 64 oz. Classic wet container use about 3 cups of frozen fruit.
  • In a 64 oz. low profile (Next Generation) container, use 4.5-5 cups of frozen fruit.

For more information on the different containers click here.

To sweeten I would use a couple of dates, or this is especially sweet if you use a Miracle Berry!

 the four mounds  

Blend on High using your tamper. Push the tamper into each  corner, then the middle, then the corners again, continually until the mixture starts flowing through the blades on its own. When it is flowing through the blades you can remove the tamper, and watch carefully – the mixture will actually thicken a bit as the frozen particles mix with the liquid, as soon as you see no change in the texture, and you have the 4 mounds, turn off the machine – you’re done!

finished sorbet This could be made with white wine. I think white wine and frozen peaches would make a nice sorbet.  Or how about a Blush wine and some Mango?

Don’t worry if you don’t get it firm enough. Just pour in more wine, turn it into an adult slushy, try again, and you won’t care how the next batches turn out. ?

 left overs  


Zoku Classic Popsicle Molds (affiliate link) are my favorite way of storing left over ice cream, smoothies, or in this case, wine sorbet.

What wine and frozen fruit combinations do you think would taste good?
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  • By Lea Ann Savage – Copyright 2016

    5 Responses to "Vitamix Wine Sorbet"
    1. Sherri says:

      If it turns to a slushy instead of sorbet….. I tried adding more frozen fruit and never could get it firm enough….what am I doing wrong?

      • blenderlady says:

        Ratio of liquid to frozen should be 1 cup wine to 3 cups frozen fruit to begin with. If it turns into a slushy the best solution is to put it in the freezer, and next time keep the amount of frozen fruit the same, but reduce the volume of wine.

    2. Karen says:

      It probably wouldn’t be so adult…low alcohol wine. White Zinfendel (sp?) With ??? Sounds like a job for strawberries & bananas

    3. Dominique says:

      Excellent adult dessert.

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