Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

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When Vitamix came out with the S-Series models, many people who had full sized Vitamix machines didn’t want to buy another Vitamix, but they were eager to use a 20 oz. “blend and go” container! Customers asked, and Vitamix has delivered! Now you can order a Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter to use on your Legacy Model! […]

What are Vitamix Legacy Models?

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With the introduction of the new Ascent models, Vitamix created the name Legacy models to describe all C-Series and G-Series machines. This creates essentially three main categories of machines:  Vitamix Legacy models, Vitamix Ascent models, and Vitamix S-Series (or personal blender) models. All of the different names for Vitamix models can be confusing, so I created this chart […]

Vitamix Perfect Blend Scale and App

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The Vitamix Perfect Blend Scale and Application will solve one of the biggest smoothie making challenges – portion control!  The scale will tell you exactly when you’ve added the right amount of each ingredient!  The scale will also help you meet your nutritional goals, by providing calorie and nutrient profiles. FEATURES: Personalize your experience: Choose from a […]

Vitamix Tortilla Soup Recipe

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The Vitamix Tortilla Soup Recipe is an all time favorite of many!  If you’ve seen a Vitamix Demonstration, you have most likely tasted the Vitamix Tortilla Soup. My recipe is very different from the demonstration version.  It is creamier, and has more flavor because of “secret” ingredients! Lucky for you, I’m going to let you in […]

Vitamix Wine Sorbet

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Vitamix wine sorbet. A delicious adult dessert that is easy to whip up in your Vitamix!     1 cup of red wine. Any kind you like will do! Add Frozen Fruit (I used strawberries for this one). In a 32 oz. wet container use about 2.5-3 cups of frozen fruit. In a 48 oz or […]

Vitamix Blend Quality Index BQI

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Vitamix owners know from personal experience that their Vitamix blenders produce the best “blends” on the market. Vitamix has developed a way to objectively validate these assertions! Introducing the BQI (Blend Quality Index). Click Here to learn more about the BQI. Vitamix designs every aspect of their blenders (I prefer to call them Total Nutrition Centers) to work […]