About The Blender Lady Blog

First a Little History…

My name is Lea Ann Savage.  I became an independent Vitamix Sales Demonstrator in October of 2007. For me, it is the world’s greatest job, because I am PASSIONATE about helping people! I wanted to support my customers after the sale so I started a small website to give them my contact information and my show recipes. Then, I posted my demonstration on YouTube and people from all over the world started contacting me for support, so I formed a Yahoo Group called “Vitamix Enthusiasts” to do just that! “Vitamix Enthusiasts” currently (July 2013) has 5,227 members, and is growing by leaps and bounds! There is a Gold Mine of FAQs, Recipes, and Vitamix Support Information in the archives, but learning how to use Yahoo Groups requires a “learning curve”.  Since Yahoo Groups isn’t the best way to communicate for Everyone, I decided to create the, “Blender Lady Blog” so all of the valuable information stored in the archives of the Vitamix Enthusiasts Yahoo Group can be made available for everyone to find online (no membership required)!

Support For Vitamix Owners

As I launch this blog, most of my initial articles are going to be re-posts of the valuable information archived in the “Vitamix Enthusiasts” Yahoo Group. Topics range from FAQs, “How To” Help, Techniques, Vitamix Model & Container Information, and of course lots of RECIPES!  Please feel Free to contact me if there is a specific question that you would like for me to answer!

Health Information

Because of my own miraculous recovery from chronic fatigue, my primary passion is to help people increase their energy, lose weight, and regain their health. I see your Vitamix as a means to reach those ends. I really do not like to cook, but have reached a point where I eat almost no processed foods. If I didn’t have my Vitamix, I could not eat this way! Therefore, there are times when my posts are going to be about various health related topics, and not necessarily related to the Vitamix.

Every other month, I sponsor a “30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge.” I think that everyone should add a Green Smoothie to their diet daily. If this is the ONLY thing you did with your Vitamix machine, it would pay for itself in increased health and well being within a week!

Help For Chronic Fatigue

And finally, I can’t help but want to share anything that I think will help others with this condition. I do not have a degree or certification in nutrition or alternative medicine, but I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching my own condition, and from time to time I will share what works for me!

About Buying a Vitamix

Sometimes the choices can get overwhelming. I have created a “Vitamix Buyer’s Guide” and offer Personalized Shopping Assistance to make it EASY!

About Affiliate Links

My “legal beagle” informs me that the government is concerned that you need to be protected from… well, I’m not quite sure I understand what you are being protected from… but I am supposed to let you know that “some” of the links in my articles, and on my website are affiliate links.

If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. Income earned from these commissions go towards the costs of maintaining this site, quality dark chocolate, and my kid’s college fund.

I ONLY include affiliate links for products that I own, or use myself, and highly recommend.  Not every link to a product is an affiliate link.  If you purchase through an affiliate link, the price you pay is exactly the same as if you purchase some other way.

Probably my favorite affiliate program is iHerb. It isn’t my favorite because it is a big moola maker.  It is my favorite because it is the product or “service” that I value, and use the most.  In my quest to be healthy I use quite a few targeted supplements, have replaced chemical cleaners with “green” cleaners, have replaced unhealthy personal care items with healthy ones, and have added lots of new grocery items and “super foods” to my shopping list.  With iHerb, I can sit down in my pajamas, order any of these items tax-free, get Free Shipping (with 3-day delivery!), and spend on average 50%-30% less than what I pay for the same items at my local health food store!  Use Code ZIC184 to get Free Shipping and $10 off of any first order of $40 or more.

About Me

I am a devoted follower of Jesus. (Please note that I did not say, “Religious, Bible-Thumper). My goal is to “listen and obey” the voice of the Holy Spirit within me 100% of the time. Thank God for grace, because I’m probably at 50/50 on my best days, but for the rest of my time here on earth, I will “stay in the race” and “press on” towards the goal of being a Spirit-led believer 100% of the time!

I am married to a native Floridian! He loves to surf (and I mean LOVES IT!) so, we live in Satellite Beach, FL where the surf is only a few blocks away. I grew up in Lebanon, Missouri and miss the seasons. When the kids are grown, I plan to spend Spring and Fall in Missouri, Winters in Florida, and Summers RVing. Sometimes I dream about doing a Vitamix Road Show in every state of America. Who knows? Perhaps one day, I’ll be at a location near you!

My Family

The boys are now 11, 15, and 17. I know, I know, I need an updated picture. I promise it is on my “to do list”. :-)

Most of the time, I am a stay-at-home-mom to three wonderful and adorable boys (can you tell I’m a proud mom?). But one week out of the month, I do a Vitamix Road Show at a Whole Foods Market, Costco, Sam’s Club, or Military Base. I like to joke that I am a stay-at-home-mom but I get 12 paid vacations a year! :)

I have two fur-kids: Rusty, a gorgeous, loving, intelligent, and goofy, Red Standard Poodle; and Tyler, a Toy Fox Terrier that I lovingly call the “Holy Terrier”, or the “Toy Fox Terror”. They give me lots of joy and pleasure!

I love my Vitamix machine, and love sharing it with others, because it changed my life. I cured my Chronic Fatigue by getting off of wheat, eliminating all forms of sugar (except fruit), and drinking daily “Green Smoothies“. Before I got my Vitamix, I was burning out a blender a month! After I got my Vitamix, the texture and flavor of my Green Smoothies were elevated to a whole new level. In fact, I loved my Vitamix so much, that I joined the Vitamix Sales Team!